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JLG is back, sort of

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Posted by:Yez on Tuesday, 02 Nov, 2004 @ 11:04 AM
Be Inc

Former CEO of Be Inc, Jean-Louis Gassée has moved to a new position at Palmsource. Plamsource has named him the Chairman of the Board according to this report. Our best wishes go out JLG in his new endeavor.

11 Responses to “JLG is back, sort of”

  1. Kancept Says:

    First post. :-P

  2. Kian Says:

    Kancept - *SLAP* - stop pretending this is /. and get back to fixing the HNN server! :-p

    Anyway. Errm. JLG being in charge of PalmOS is kinda surreal now…

    Any chance of badgering him to open the OS? Although its really not worth it now, Haiku being so far on.

  3. Buck Says:

    Does jlg read begroovy still?

  4. Czeslaw Says:

    Of course!

    Anyone who is someone reads BeGroovy daily.
    JLG is someone.
    Therefore, JLG reads BeGroovy daily.

    It’s as simple as modus ponens. :-)


  5. Deej Says:

    Suppose that means it would be prudent to start posting daily, since all the someones reads BG daily. :P

    Any offers of help?


  6. Beta Says:

    Now, they’re less than ever releasing the code :S


  7. tigerdog Says:

    I wonder if a grass-roots letter campaign might convince JLG and the PalmSource folks to open-sourece the code. Palm have sat on the OS for years now with no apparent plans of reviving it. Maybe enough time has passed for it to have lost value on their books and be written off.

    Given the positive press for Firefox, of late, it might be a good time to ask.

  8. JLG, JLG Says:

    what is JLG ?

  9. MYOB Says:

    JLG = Jean-Louis Gassee. The founder and original funder of Be Inc

  10. tb100 Says:

    @ Deej:

    Hurry up with BG 3.0, then I’ll post some news!

  11. mmadia Says:

    It may be worth it to request small parts of the OS.

    Basically, small tedious things that Haiku doesn’t support as of now. IMO, small non-essential items (on either Haiku or PalmOS) would be the best candidates to ask for, as Palm shouldn’t lose profit by releasing them.

    Ex., the HFS driver

    now for some wishes — NDA’s that would allow people to independantly work on R5’s kernel to fix cpu id and timing issues and to possibly integrate part of the RAM Limiting Bootloader. :)

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