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Haiku Booting

by @ 8:31 pm on 10/27/2004. Filed under Haiku

This just in from the Haiku website – Axel has booted Haiku on real hardware into a console. He also had this to say:

Despite some minor issues (you still don’t see what you type), we can now have a fully functional bash running on our kernel. A lot of other shell commands, even those using our own are working, as well.

Still some work to be done, for sure. But still – Way, way… Way cool!

5 Responses to “Haiku Booting”

  1. HarjTT says:

    Yeah..I have to agree seriously cool.. Great job team !


  2. Czeslaw says:

    This is pretty exciting stuff! Thanks for the news, Deej.


  3. Daren Scot Wilson says:

    Yum! One of the few bits of news more exciting than the latest Cassini images!

  4. Androo says:

    And recently (couple days ago) the “cannot see what you type” problem was fixed =)

  5. weeman says:


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