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BeGroovy Becomes Front Page for BeDoper

by @ 8:39 pm on 8/30/2004. Filed under BeDope

Since it seems the only news lately from us is about BeDoper, and since we hold the old content of the original BeDope (Icon Tarot, Haiku Generator, and Quotable JLG), I hereby decree that BeGroovy is now the front end to BeDoper.

In all seriousness (or without all seriousness, depending upon how you look at it), a new article there concerns the birthday greeting (if you can call it that) that Eugenia posted on OS News (note the lack of a link – I’m boycotting OS News’ bias editorial opinion). At least BeDoper can still make me smile after reading Eugenia’s article. Yes, I’m torqued a bit. Thanks BeDope. 🙂

My PERSONAL Take on OS News and Eugenia – click here -> 

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