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NeoMagic Testers Needed!

by @ 9:02 pm on 8/5/2004. Filed under Hardware

Rudolf, the man who made my nVidia-based laptop go into beautiful widescreen under BeOS, needs your help. He writes

I’ve hit some major hardware faults, and I’ve released a new (already old again 😉 version 0.06. (current is 0.09 from the build factory!)… I need people to test the 0.09 CVS driver for me before I can setup the workarounds for the faults that exist!

You can read the full story and help him out.

I know for a fact, from experience, that Rudolf is a very responsive developer, and will do everything he can to get your hardware working properly. But he needs your help and your debug logs to do it!

2 Responses to “NeoMagic Testers Needed!”

  1. Kovacs Hunor says:

    I want to testand to help you

  2. Rudolf says:


    For starters:

    Can you have a look at the ‘devices’ prefs app, and doubleclick on the VGA device. Select the ‘info’ tab and tell me what the cardID says??

    Depending on the card you have, it might be interesting to test for certain things, if testing is needed at all 😉

    Bye, and thanks!


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