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Haikumail Anyone?

by @ 2:20 am on 7/13/2004. Filed under Haiku

Just so everyone knows, there will be a mail server for use. With Haiku, Inc’s IRS approval, everything should be in line shortly. What it will be is if you make a yearly donation to Haiku of a certain amount (likely a $10USD/year minimum donation), you will be offered one of these accounts. Accordingly, the need to wait for Haiku, Inc. to have their donation system in line is a requirement to activate. Shortly after that happens, BeGroovy will post information on how to get a haikumail email account or forwarding address.

I’d also like to note, this is not a function related to BeGroovy. It is not a BeGroovy service or a show of specific support for Haiku. We intend to remain OSBOS platform neutral at BeGroovy. This is only something that _I_, not BeGroovy, saw a need to facilitate to get started for the post-BeOS community, replacing the once popular service that BeGroovy once supported. So I facilitated, and now others have stepped up to the plate to bring the idea to full bloom. It wasn’t even my idea initially (creds go to m.madia for that). 😉


7 Responses to “Haikumail Anyone?”

  1. Simon Taylor says:

    Woot! Great news. I’ll be getting myself one of them 🙂

  2. mmadia says:

    Thanks to everyone who made this possible. Lemme know where / when to sign up. 🙂

  3. Tuishimi says:

    $10!! Wow. I pay nearly $100 for .Mac. 🙂 That’s a bargain no matter how you slice it.

  4. lichtgestalt says:

    Cool. I’ll sign up for sure.
    Hopefully it has full POP3 (maybe even IMAP) support and isn’t web-based only.

  5. Deej says:

    Tuishimi – It could still be $100 – depending on what you decide to donate to Haiku. It’s a minimum donation of $10/year to get the address, anything more is very philanthropic of you. 😉

    And be sure to drop Kancept a note of thanks for that low price too – his ISP is donating the server and the bandwidth for the mail server, making it cheaper (free) than we had thought previously, and a 100% to Haiku payment at that! 😉

    We could use a volunteer to “administer” things – check when people’s year is up and remind them to make another donation, confirm donation was made with Haiku, and contact the systems person to add and delete accounts… any volunteers? This is long, long term… minimal work once a db is in place to track users, but you must be around and stay around. 😉

    There will be POP3 access alongside the webmail access – no IMAP though (or at least not at this time).


  6. Czeslaw says:

    I would like to volunteer for the administrative duties that you mentioned, Deej. I’ll be around forever. 🙂

    You mentioned that Kancept has a server for us. That’s great. I imagine that we’ll be sharing space on one of the BeZilla tinderbox servers that Kancept has purchased and is hosting. If for any reason that arrangement proves untenable (perhaps due to heavy BeZilla hardware resource demands), I could donate a dedicated server for Haikumail. Actually, it would be the City of Portland that would be making the donation to Haiku Inc., but I could “broker” the deal and cover the shipping costs to get the box to Kancept. Just let me know if this is something that you would like to pursue.

    Please advise me on next steps regarding the administrative duties: czapla-AT-teleport-DOT-com


  7. Simbad says:

    When the Haiku mail service will be functional ? I want one !

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