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Wanted: Mail Servers

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Posted by:Deej on Monday, 05 Jul, 2004 @ 9:26 PM

I noticed a post on the OpenBeOS [now Haiku] mailing list where there might be some interest in @somethingHaiku email addresses.

I have looked into this before, and would be willing to set something up again, if there’s enough interest. I’ve previously done the math, and it’s not hard/expensive for small account sizes. The accounts won’t be big like yahoo or google, but I can give a minimum of 1mb accounts (POP), and email forwarding services at a very cheap price.

I would need a minimum of 20 people to pay for email (Webmail/POP) accounts (very reasonable yearly fees), or a whole lot of people interested in forwarding addresses at a lower yearly fee, to break even on server costs. Given enough interest, this could allow for any extra money to be donated to the Haiku organization.

If anyone is interested in this, email me (use a descriptive subject so it doesn’t get tossed with spam - put “I want email” in the subject or something). If I hit the 20 person mark (19, actually, I obviously would get one), then I will set up the mail server account and get a domain name.

2 Responses to “Wanted: Mail Servers”

  1. Adam McNutt Says:

    Hey, I’ve bought a few Haiku domains already. I can help out server wise, should my other server get here. We are moving from T1 to T3 in the upcoming months as well. Costs are no issue, as we own the lines and the servers. Let me know if you want me to help out. Of course, if you were doing it, I’d wanna know what the @domain is before signing on.


  2. Tuishimi Says:

    Heck, I already have a .Mac account. Why not a .Haiku account. :) Along with my 500000000000 other accounts. :)

    candiazoo@somethinghaiku.com. I like it!

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