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To Be[Groovy] Or Not To Be[Groovy]…

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Posted by:Deej on Tuesday, 29 Jun, 2004 @ 2:46 AM
Site News

Okay, so here’s a topic that always ends up hot…

With the name change to Haiku, does BeGroovy change it’s name and start anew?

On one hand, BeGroovy has long been there for news and chat, as slow as things have been lately, we are still here. BeGroovy was a name chosen with a unthought about side benefit - it can be used in many a situation, and didn’t explicitly rely on Be in the name of the OS it supported.

But then, Haiku brings a new era to the BeOS community. It reeks of old, classic Be, yet is fresh as a spring breeze through the community. A site should move from it’s past and be re-invigorated with this new life, even at the expense of the old.

However, with Haiku’s new forums, and with the other news sites out there - and the lack posts to these forums and lack of enthusiasm to post news here - we haven’t gotten a single news submission in over a year - it’s all what we find and post, and we don’t post duplicate news unless specifically important.

Now, our server has only 1 month of life left. Yez and I need to move the entire site to a new server somewhere else, which will include a lot of re-coding and exporting/importing data - a lot of time that I’m not sure we have to commit to the task. Or we pay for the server and just leave things as is, at a loss to us (money for the ‘extra’ server), but we can keep the data intact as is.

Just starting anew or calling it done is more tempting with that upcoming task or the extra costs in mind.

It seems BeGroovy is now at a fork in the road. One path must be chosen, and the decision must be made soon. Which road to take? I leave that to you…

So, vote awayPost your thoughts

12 Responses to “To Be[Groovy] Or Not To Be[Groovy]…”

  1. Chris Capoccia Says:

    I would think a name-change would be unnecessary. Haiku is only one of the BeOS replacement projects. You didnít consider changing your name to include Zeta when its development ramped up. I assume you will continue to cover all the groovy news related to various aspects of BeOS, so the name still seems appropriate to me.

  2. Adam K. Olson Says:

    Whatever you decide, let me know when you need the new graphics and logos for whatever incarnation rises Deej :)

  3. Bill Davenport Says:

    I guess I’d change my email address too(not!). Beunited is still being call beunited. Don’t forget about “The BeOS Journal” still the same name.

    The OpenBeOS name wasn’t ditched. Infact OpenBeOS has become the standard by which we’ll measure the next “Be” OS. Albiet Haiku, Zeta or BlueEyedOS.

    So I say stick with the name that fits with how cool our “Be” is — and that’s BeGroovy!

  4. Deej Says:

    You are right, beunited is not changing. All the names I have are generic to such things (less mybemail.com, which I never ended up using). I only mentioned that option as some people asked if we were going to (and a while back people also asked if we’d be changing to ZetaGroove :P ). BTW, I think BeOSJournal will be changing names, or at least Chris is starting another related site.

    The question I really am asking is if it’s worth the effort for Yez and I to export/import all the data of this site or just start anew with a fresh site (regardless of name) and forego the data, or let this site die with the current server. Are the old forum posts and news worth it to everyone that’s left here?

    Oh, and if you are refering to the beunited.org standard, Bill, it’s actually OSBOS, not OpenBeOS. Stands for Open Standard BeOS-compatible Operating System. ;)


  5. Bill Davenport Says:


    Ah yes, my head is now spinning nicely. I need to get all this straight. OSBOS is the standard while OpenBeOS became Haiku(right?).

    >>The question I really am asking is if it’s worth
    >>the effort for Yez and I to export/import all the
    >>data of this site or just start anew with a fresh
    >>site (regardless of name) and forego the data,

    I’ve been a regular reader of begroovy for a long time but I have not participated in the forums. By the looks of the forums, some info is good but the posting is sparce.

    I am not in favor of losing any part of our community. However, these are my thoughts.

    If the current site or project is not meeting its focus. It’s time to rethink and rebuild or change it all completely.

    I personally would not keep the site solely for historical reasons. It might be nice to create some static pages of highlights from the past.

  6. Ash Says:

    Please, stay. It’s a friendly place.

    It’d be sad to see it mothballed, but if it came to that then please strive to keep the pages at the old URLs - there are enough 404s as it is.

  7. Ash Says:

    (Enough 404s on the Web, that is. Not here.)

  8. Mike Says:

    I think you should stay! In another year, when Haiku gets ramped up, the forums are going to kick back into high gear I think. I still post questions there. This place is a great resource!

    I can offer you a place on my Mac (it hosts three of my sites) which is relatively stable (only reboot for major software updates) for free. I don’t think it is hit so often that Comcast will nail me for it.


  9. H-kon Says:

    I had to chime in on this one :)

    Whatever you guys decide, please think about the following.

    Do you guys have enough energy to continue this gig, or another one if that is what you are planning?

    Can you get people to hop on to help, or are there no takers?

    BeGroovy was, although a long time ago a place where we created the content, we didn’t wait for it to happen. This is why BeNews was so popular as well.

    The reason i ask is that the initial post reeked of “we are too burned out to continue this” in my opinion that is.

    I have many fond memories of BeGroovy which i think about from time to time, so if you decide to let it go, archive a static version so that we don’t have to go to web.archice.org to see what once was.

    If you do create a new site, come up with an OSBOS compliant name :D

    And Deej, drop me an e-mail will ya! hthaug at gmail dot org Been trying to reach you for ages.

  10. H-kon Says:

    gmail.com not org.. argh.

  11. Deej Says:

    H-kon! :D

    Yeah, it does reek of burnout… but it’s not so much that as lack of motivation to keep it up. Not one person has submitted news for us to post in over a year. We’ve had people come onboard to help, make a few posts, and then disappear into the ether… We’re not getting any help to keep this site alive.

    It will be a lot of work to get a new BeGroovy up. And frankly, 14 votes and about 20 comments total, although all positive, just really isn’t all that motivating. Consider we once had a half million individual hits a month, and now 14 people care enough to tell us to stay around. We want to stay around too - just is all the work that would be done worth it to enough people.

    I have no doubts things will pick up in the community over the next year - and I have a lot to do at beunited in expectation of this. But we only have until the end of July to migrate everything off the current server, and it will be a task, considering nobody I know of even has moderator access to the forums (unless you still do, Hkon), no less passwords to the box itself. We’d need to get Nutcase involved in pulling the data, and then create a site and figure out how to dump the data into it. Daunting given all else I need to do not related to BeGroovy.

    I’ll drop you an email later today, Hkon.

    I’d also like to thank Mike for the server offer. We have other servers we could move the site to, at least three dedicated ones - but there’s the work required to do that, no small task. Or we could pay the $20/month to keep it here - but that doesn’t really solve our “autopilot” issue, other than we’d actually get passwords to the server itself. We’d still have to develop a new site and migrate the data - we’d just have more time to do it.

    Anyways, I’m not depressed about the community or the direction that it’s heading - opposite that. I’m really excited about the next year for the OSBOS world. I’m just not sure BeGroovy is worth the effort it would take to keep it going in full, to revive it, given my amount of free time.

    Yez might have a completely different take on this, and dedicate his life this next month to make it happen. ;)


  12. filo Says:

    I admit, I am guilty of being one of those who came on board, and then disappeared into the ether. Actually, the last time the site went down, my posting info went with it, and i never bothered to bother nutcase to get it going again. Of course, most of the time, when i would find something post worthy, i was beat to the punch; it’s hard to submit news when there just isn’t much to report, not that that is your fault.

    I say keep the name; it is a good generic name in addition to being a good BeOS name. As far as content goes, well, you can set up a 404 page directing people to archive.org to find the old stuff. There is some useful info here, but not enough that you should worry about keeping it yourselves. Others are doing it freely for you.

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