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Nurbana for BeOS port completed but still alpha

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Posted by:Ryan on Monday, 01 Jan, 2001 @ 3:34 AM
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Nurbana, a unique 3D modelling software, has just been ported to BeOS. It is currently in late alpha state, and testing continues. Read on for the blurb from their recent newsletter with more info…

The BeOS port of Nurbana is finally complete. Although the
software is still early in its alpha stages we hope the BeOS community
will welcome us with open arms. However, because BeOS still has no
hardware OpenGL support, the program still runs quite slow. We’ll
keep you informed about progress in this area.

4 Responses to “Nurbana for BeOS port completed but still alpha”

  1. sadistic_mystic Says:

    I had nearly forgotten

    I had nearly forgotten about this app. I am bouncing of the walls. I thought they had abandoned Be. I like you guys

  2. chuck Says:

    [No Subject]

    This is good news for those wanting 3d graphic apps. I’ve tried the windows version. IMO it’s got a long way to go before it’s really useful but has made regular progress since it was first released.

  3. Digger Says:

    I want to get it

    Simply because the acronym “NURBS” sounds so cool :-)

    I can run down the street yelling “NURBS!!!!” at the top of my lungs and it’ll *still* sound cool :-)

    Let’s hope the program kicks!


  4. Thinker Says:


    It’s good to see another 3D app come out for Be. It will be nice to see how well this compliments Blender once it’s up to snuff.

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