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Java running on BeOS (also Haiku soon)

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Posted by:Yez on Saturday, 19 Jun, 2004 @ 9:35 AM

Bryan Varner and Andrew Bachmann demonstated Java running on BeOS! After lots of hard work, the beunited based development team has a working version of Java that runs on BeOS. The foundation is all in place and only the top, presentation layer of the implementation needs to be finished up before it is released to the community.

21 Responses to “Java running on BeOS (also Haiku soon)”

  1. Sandlord Says:

    GREAT !!

    I am looking forward to play with Java on Beos…

  2. SD Says:

    Super News! Cannot wait until it gets public, even in lower-layers form.

  3. toko Says:

    I can’t wait until tonight …

  4. Sikosis Says:

    This is excellent news for the Haiku and BeOS platform. This brings new development opportunities and more developers. Thanks to all involved.

  5. Bruno Says:

    I cannot belive this It would be a sensation for us BeOs User.

  6. hansmuff Says:

    While that’s good news, I have to wonder how this will really impact BeOS. It’s Java. It runs everywhere. Why use BeOS to develop Java applications if I can use Windows, Linux, Solaris etc to develop the same apps?

    Don’t forget what happened to OS/2. It actually was the best Java platform out there for a while. Didn’t help it at all though.

  7. mmadia Says:

    Whether you realize them or not, the benefits of BeOS and Haiku having Java are real.

    At the very least, it brings both platforms one step closer to what competiting OS’s have to offer.

    Web browsing can reach even greater heights and will help the BeZilla team gain even more recognition amongst the Mozilla team.

    As Sikosis already stated, more opportunities for development and coders are now available.

    Even the sheer news worthy announcement helps to re-invigorate the community and brings headlines to non-BeOS usrs.

    Fantastic work! :)

  8. SD Says:

    and don’t forget that stupid trick of Sun incorporating Java hook into OpenOffice.org build process (while actuallu OO.org itself is C/C++).
    So building OO without Java needs additional efforts and time, which we really with our very small developer base should dedicate to more useless things, instead config and build system hacking:)

  9. starrstarr Says:

    What is the point of having Java on BeOS?!? Well I love BeOS but I like developing in Java, and my favorite development environment, even for non-Java programming is Eclipse, which is written in Java. Even if it were for no other reason than getting Eclipse ported to BeOS, I want Java on BeOS!

  10. Decaf Says:

    Well I for one is going to use Java UML tools as soon as it is released. There will be so many developer tools that can help developers when we get Java.

  11. Jonathan Says:

    The whole point of Java is portablity, so it can’t hurt to have it be ported to BeOS. With it, a lot of good software might be able to be used it BeOS.

  12. jeff Says:

    I am currently working on dotgnu potable.net
    I am 90% complete only pnetlib is giving trouble I have to build mscorlib manually wich is the only thing that needs to be done.Ilrun,cscc and the binaries are completed . I have Qt 3.3.2 ported for the front Qt # and Hbasic.NET.

    By week end BeOS will have .NET fully running.

  13. MYOB Says:

    QT ported natively or to X11?

  14. jeffery Says:

    Qt 3.3.2 with X11 fullscreen using Qvwm window manager. I have to study beos api some more to start porting it natively.

  15. Ben abdallah Abdel Karim Says:

    What about the mono (.NET) implementation ?

  16. Jace Says:

    The point is that it is one of those “big requests” that is finally soon to be realized. People have whined about the lack of Java on BeOS since the begining. Now we can give these people what they want. There are lots of developers doing Java development for various reasons. If all they need is Java development tools, Internet and email, BeOS can play a major part of their daily computer use.

  17. Chris Capoccia Says:

    “So, when can I play my Yahoo Games?”

    But seriously, this will open up a lot of avenues for BeOS users. I will be interested in using Freenet. Some, like Brian and Andrew, just want to be able to use BeOS at work to do their Java programming.

  18. Hugo Says:

    This is awesome. Can’t wait for the release! Any speculation on the schedule?

  19. James Don Says:

    Very good!

    Iam ready to install BeOS again (my lovely os from childhood) to test my rts game.


    Java on BeOS

  20. cybermm Says:

    Great job people , non-JAVA system is not welcome in OS competition race….so our Beos have more chance to survive with it….

    Just keep working…..

    Beos…brz,dobar gui,dobra promjena…

  21. play boy Says:

    Good job

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