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WalterCon 2004 announces OBOS new name

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Posted by:Yez on Saturday, 19 Jun, 2004 @ 8:51 AM
OS Wars

With the start of WalterCon 2004 comes the new name for OBOS, Haiku. Too late for complaining, the t-shirts have been made. A URL to the images will be posted in the comments shortly.

17 Responses to “WalterCon 2004 announces OBOS new name”

  1. Franxico Says:



    It’s the beginning of a new era ;)

  2. Sikosis Says:

    The future starts here …

  3. alphaseinor Says:

    wow…time for haiku

    Can’t get my t-shirt.
    website or photo?
    Deej loves Java

  4. Yez Says:

    OK, here are a couple of images of what’s going on here at WalterCon 2004:
    Michael Phipps - http://www.docsprocket.com/images/01-haikufearlessleader.jpg
    Haiku Logo - http://www.docsprocket.com/images/01-haiku01.jpg
    Folks in the audience - http://www.docsprocket.com/images/01-viewfromfront.jpg

  5. M Says:


    so 10 just over 10 people showed up… impressed ;-)

  6. alphaseinor Says:


    I would have been there to take a photo of Deej, but I have to be out in Mojave for technical support for mondays space launch…

    Sorry… schedule conflicts…

  7. Peter Says:

    Haiku??? My god… sounds like a dog name! How can they call it Haiku???

  8. youlle Says:

    haiku is japanese form of poetry, 5:7:5 thats syllables per line. and how can they call it haiku simple they jst did :P lol

  9. Sikosis Says:

    It’s about embracing what is Haiku …

    It’s simple, elegant and complex all at once.

  10. jonathan Says:

    Yes, I’d agree with you there…excellent name when you start to think about it. I like that: “simple, elegant and complex”…very profound words.

  11. vasper Says:

    Another technology with a name that will sell big… in Japan!!!!

    I still prefer WalterOS :-)

  12. aphex Says:

    I like the name. Soo catchy :) And it’s also Japanese, that’s a plus :p

  13. Linus Says:

    Does this mean that future user groups will be be called HUGS?

  14. imstillatwork Says:

    HUGS! ha! thats gonna be great. PDX HUGS, SF HUGS, LA HUGS ha! man o man i cant wait for its first release… R5 is getting OLD!

  15. Xcott Craver Says:

    I thought Haiku was the best proposed name of the bunch, in terms of capturing BeOS’s qualities. I was thrilled to see they picked that name.

    If you don’t like “Haiku,” I advise that you ask yourself what name you’d prefer instead, which has no trademark issues (so no “BeOS” or “Geekport” or “OpenBeOS”). Initially I didn’t like the proposed new names either, but then I realized I was just dissatisfied with anything other than “BeOS.” If you must change the name, “Haiku” is a great choice.


  16. Josuel Says:

    I’m not satisfied with the name either, but Xcott is right: no one other than BeOS whould satisfy me!

    Josuel (Brasil)

  17. Josuel Says:

    Haiku is one of the most important form of traditional japanese poetry. Haiku is, today, a 17-syllable verse form consisting of three metrical units of 5, 7, and 5 syllables.


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