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BeZilla Tinderbox Finances

by @ 10:39 am on 5/16/2004. Filed under BeZilla

Every great OS needs a great browser. BeOS had NetPositive, which pretty much has become a relic. You can see how it’s simple interface has influenced everything that has come out since, but it’s rendering engine just never kept up. Since then, the browser de jour has gone from Opera to Mozilla to Firefox. The interesting thing there is that the last two on the list, and the current browser of choice, are both developed by the BeZilla project.

Edward Dore, of the BeZilla project, sent me a request to post an article here talking about the new tinderbox and the continued need for funding. A tinderbox is a computer that constantly builds the code and checks for errors, etc. This allows immediate response to new code and a check to see if anything has broken. It also allows for simple nightly builds. Seems like a great cause.. contribute if you can. There is a paypal button in this letter, so you should be able to contribute directly to the project. It has nothing to do with us, and goes directly to Edward and the BeZilla project. We have included it for your convenience. Please “Read More” for the entierety of the letter.


With the arrival of two new Tinderbox’s we have moved one step closer to once again being considered a major part of the mopzilla development community., not just a small insignificant port, developed by few and used by fewer. This will allow us to speed up development by tracking when and how the tree is broken faster as well as help us to get faster patch commits ot the Mozilla CVS server and getting our builds back on the Mozilla FTP server.

This would not have been possible without the work of one man, Czeslaw Czapla who has organised the donation and paid for shipping, cutsom duties and upgrades fo two machines allready with at least another one to come. We can not expect Czelsaw to pay for this by himself, he has allready spent close to $500 with the rediculous shipping duties imposed by British Customs and Excise. By donating money to the Bezilla project using paypal you can help us to ship, upgrade and maintain more Tinderbox’s. You can use the following button or the email address edward (dot) dore (at) bezilla (dot) org to make a payment to the BeZilla project via paypal.

In addition to money for shipping equipment donations are welcome, providing that (until we get some donations) you can pay for shipment or you live in the Lincolnshire, UK area and I can make a pickup. One itme in particular that I am looking for is a network switch, with these two Tinderbox’s I have used all of my switch ports. A UPS is not essential but would ensure maximum uptime for the Tinderbox’s. We are looking for 19″ Rackmount cases, PC100 168pin SDRAM and Slot 1 PIII processors in particular upgrade wise.

Also, a while ago a PIII 550mhz 19″ rackmount box built by penguin computing was offered to me, since then i have lost you contact details, if it was you that offered this machine for donation, or you know who it was can you please use the above address to contact me.

As a side not, the site will be back up soon with an all new design and content, I am currently spending all of my time setting up the Tinderbox’s and revising for exams however.

Edward Dore

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  1. Marina says:

    Will BeZilla be better than the MoZilla and Opera? What are the advantages of this new soft and the difference between its and other browsers?

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