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Opera Signature Campaign

by @ 10:14 am on 4/18/2004. Filed under Submitted News

BUG-NORDIC, the Norwegian BeOS User Group, is now sponsoring a signature-gathering campaign whose purpose is to encourage Opera, the makers of the Opera web browser, to resume active development of their application for the BeOS platform. You may read about the campaign, and add your signature if you are so inclined, at this location:

Much thanks to Czeslaw Czapla for submitting this new item.

3 Responses to “Opera Signature Campaign”

  1. Dan Edin says:

    YEAH! Everybody should sign, now the NB-BuG has done so.. come on spread the word.

  2. Jon says:

    I actaully heard at one point that Opera for BeOS was developed by Be Inc. working with Opera. So I don’t know whow likely it is for the software to be updated.

  3. Although i’m totally USA-born with a terrible midwestern accent, my mom is of Scandinavian descent – so naturally i like to support Opera. It is good to have a browser that isn’t Mozilla/Firefox to check my javascript and CSS coding. If Opera of long ago had a BeOS GUI, it’s hard to imagine much difficulty applying it to the newest BeOS. So let’s get this project rolling.

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