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Moderator Privileges Revoked

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Posted by:Jon on Wednesday, 14 Apr, 2004 @ 4:56 PM

Earlier this week Zetajournal reported that Zeta only software and the YellowTab account had been removed from the BeBits software repository for unknown reasons. After further probing it became apparent that one or more of the newly appointed moderators were taking advantage of their position. As of now all moderator privileges have been revoked.

Sean, one of the BeBits founders, is not pleased with the current developments and revoked the moderator privileges for everyone. He had this to say:

We are having a problem with some moderators who apparently have decided that they should have final say in what gets listed on BeBits. That was never the intention as their primary purpose was to clear out the old stuff and leave everything else alone. It seems they have taken a dislike to anything for Zeta, many things for BONE, apps that were ported by multiple developers, and more. We are trying to figure out what to do about it, however in the mean time I am revoking moderator privileges for everyone. It is unfortunate it has come to that, but it has.

4 Responses to “Moderator Privileges Revoked”

  1. Cian Duffy Says:

    1. YellowTAB Developer account was *NOT* removed. In fact, Bernd e-mailed me asking me to remove it (which I can’t do, no moderator could)
    2. No “Zeta-only” software was removed. 2 applications were removed, one for duplicated features and one for reasons I don’t know. Not very good reasons in either case I admit. But not Anti-Zeta-ness anyway.
    3. One Zeta-only driver was removed as it was for the ATi Radeon cards, and the driver that ATi recognise and support for BeOS is Thomas Kurschels. Other unofficial ATi Radeon drivers were removed too, and e-mails were sent to the developers, although YellowTAB either didn’t get one or didn’t respond.

  2. Ryan Abrams Says:

    I thought the idea of moderating on bebits was to look for broken links and comment abuse… not to decide for everyone what the “one true ATI” driver is, or if one application that duplicates anothers features is “worthy”

    Seems like the site would be a lot less valuable if you throw away valid application listings simply because they arent apps that the mods deem valuable.

    That said, ATI actually recognizing and supporting a BeOS driver is pretty cool.

  3. Cian Duffy Says:

    We couldn’t moderate Talkback actually…

    Removing apps the mods don’t like shouldn’t have been done, and I never did it.

    Removing duplicates has been complained about, which I did a lot of. I see no problem with removing unmaintained duplicates of maintained applications though

  4. Simon Taylor Says:

    Cian, I agree completely. One of the biggest problems on BeBits is the availablity of old, dead listings.

    A good example of this was the old snes9x port was regularly on the top 10 downloads count. Caz had ported a more recent version, more scaling modes, overlay support, nice UI, much faster, newer core; and still people downloaded the old one. I posted talkback comments saying “Go here instead”, and even an alternative download location that linked to the new port; still didn’t work.

    Anyway, I for one admire the work the mods did a BeBits and hope the priviledges are returned to those responsible mods soon.

    And I can see the reason for only having the official driver on BeBits for Ati cards, as long as it works for all users.

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