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Posted by:Jon on Thursday, 01 Apr, 2004 @ 12:04 PM

Wear a thong, win a BeBox. According to the official WalterCon Thong Rules website, the winner of the contest gets a dual 133 Mhz BeBoxen with BeOS R5 Pro installed. Second and third place prizes have not been announced but are described as “a bunch of great things directly from Be Inc. auction that are Brand New.” The contest involves wearing the thong for the entirety of WalterCon 2004. Head on over to the official rules page to get the rest of the rules or to the unofficial WalterCon Warez Cafepress shop to get your thong, or cool T-shirt.

6 Responses to “WCThongContest”

  1. Nutcase Says:

    I pray this is an April Fools Joke.

    If not, then there is now zero chance that I will be attending WalterCon.

  2. scottmc Says:

    The BeOS community would never play April Fool’s jokes…

  3. Czeslaw Says:

    I’m not sure that the computer offered as a prize is really a BeBox. The contest flyer calls it simply a “Boxen” [erroneously plural], not a “BeBox”. It could be nothing more than a dual Pentium 133 machine.

  4. atlamp Says:

    If it’s a real BeBox, whose is it? And what’s its serial number? Only with a stated serial number will I believe …

  5. Simon Says:

    Not an official OBOS initiative obviously. Even so, it threatens to ruin the utmost professionalism the OBOS project apply to every ascpect of their work.

  6. lichtgestalt Says:

    Man, some of you guys should really try and relax a little. It’s an obvious and harmless little joke and, would it have been a little more subtle, it’d be a great one (IMO).
    Plus, you should realize that it isn’t an “official OBOS” joke. Check the project’s site. No thong in sight.
    I guess it was all inspired by WalterConWarez’ souvenirs like t-shirts, mugs and… thongs.
    So hold your horses, this is not another “Nipplegate”. Hopefully no pure and innocent little children have been harmed beyond repair by the bad t-word. Sorry, I’m getting carried away here apparently… :)

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