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Cosmoe Status Update

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Posted by:Deej on Wednesday, 31 Mar, 2004 @ 9:01 PM

NoBeForMe pointed out this link in the forums. It contains a status update from Bill Hayden of Cosmoe, which talks of the efforts going on behind the scenes. As Bill puts it, he has “basically turning Cosmoe into a OBOS port to Linux”. Can’t wait to see it!

4 Responses to “Cosmoe Status Update”

  1. XBe Says:

    WOuldn’t it simply be a lot wiser now that we see OBOS is so hot and so many appreciate it that people unite a bit more and try to finish that off rather than working on some silly Linux port.

  2. Nutcase Says:

    The large majority of the code is exactly the same on both platforms. The benefit of the cosmoe system is that it already has a booting kernel with lots of drivers (including openGL and such via xwindows) - they can create the opengl kit and link it to X11/Mesa, etc. Course, they are planning on going framebuffer instead of X in the future, or at least were.

    Either way, it will be usable faster. But it will be a linux based os… not beos.

    While that means it is a different beast, it also means that it will likely be able to run linux apps and such just as well as a normal linux system. Which is something obos doesnt have going for it.

    Imagine a beos-like system that can run linux apps including things like vmware. It’s already getting pretty sweet.

    Anyway, OBOS is definately something everyone is anxiously waiting for. But that doesn’t mean Cosmoe doesnt have value.

  3. shaka Says:

    This shift is positive for the obos community! It means we now have all the cosmoe dev’s working on obos stuff. It is all helpful. Maybe there are some parts of cosmoe that can be used in obos, too.


    att: stockholders- microsoft will be belly-up bankrupt in 2-3 yrs.

  4. yonemoto Says:

    Actually imho, OBOS should shoot for getting FreeBSD binary compatibility, because a) FreeBSD has loads of software, which is actually monitored by an organization for security concerns, etc. Also, FreeBSD’s function calling conventions are the same as BeOS (unlike linux). This means you just have to redirect a few interrupts to the appropriate other set of interrupts… I think in the case of FreeBSD->BeOS, it would be int48h to int20h.

    Or something like that =).

    To be honest, I’m not sure it even really matters, because, as far as I know, all the software that I’ve ever installed on FreeBSD has been compiled in, with the exception of Java (which I still can’t get working).


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