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SP3 Soon Available

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Posted by:Jon on Monday, 08 Mar, 2004 @ 6:02 PM

According to a forum post by yellowTAB CVO Bernd Korz, SP3 will be released for download within days. The service pack has already been seeded to beta testers and final bug fixes are being processed before it becomes available later this week. Bernd announced the upcoming release in the yellowTAB forums stating: “SP3 is ready and in a stage of testing. Our beta testers gave some reports to fix. But so far we can say it is only some days left until we can publish it.”

4 Responses to “SP3 Soon Available”

  1. Cian Says:

    If theres more fixes in this than RC2 had, I guess RC2 users will need to upgrade too. So RC2 was a sham to make more money then. Great :-)

  2. kissa Says:


  3. littlecoat Says:

    a sham, yes definitely. i would be much happier thinking that ReleaseCandidate2 was the final product i would ever receive and that all future service packs would be unavailable for me. wait, scratch that. reverse it. are you outta your gord Cian? making updates freely available to all users is a Good Thing. and if you were under the impression that RC2 was a ‘final product’ then you should go back to buying things from spam emails.

  4. Monni Says:

    It seems some users have problems installing SP3 because of two different versions of libcrypto.so in their machines. I can’t confirm where those files come from but I think yT should have tested the possibility as they have already a nice history of dud patch releases.

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