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Cash Offer to Fix Printing

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Posted by:Jon on Thursday, 04 Mar, 2004 @ 7:07 PM

Since the first days of the Mozilla browser on BeOS printing has been an issue. Once again a cash offer has been raised to any developer who tackles the problem. According to a forum post over at BeZilla.org the total cash bounty is up to $250 U.S. The only stipulations are that the fix must be functional under PhOS, Dano and Zeta. I would hope the fix would also be able to function on R5. The issue involves multiple levels of bug fixes and is not by any means a light task. I’m sure any true BeOS coder could tackle the issue in no time at all!

One Response to “Cash Offer to Fix Printing”

  1. Chris Capoccia Says:

    I believe you have the stipulations for the reward wrong.  I was the one who originally offered the $50.

    If you look at the first post in that forum, I wrote, “In order to qualify for the reward, someone must provide me with a working build for BeOS 5.0 Intel (net_server).”

    So currently the reward provides $50 to the person who fixes printing for the Intel net_server build.   xfilecsm has offered an additional reward of $200 for a fix for printing in Dano/PhOS/Zeta.

    xfilecm was not clear whether the fix needed to work for all or some of the systems he mentioned.  So xfilecm somewhat complicated the situation and did not necessarily raise the total reward to $250.

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