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IMkit Alpha 9

by @ 6:39 am on 3/2/2004. Filed under Software

A new version of the BeOS IMkit has recently been released over at BeClan. Along with some initial bug fixes the new version sports an updated deskbar replicant and now supports the AIM network protocol. Though I haven’t yet grabbed the new download, I here the ICQ protocol wont work without BONE for the time being. If you’re looking for a quick download head over to the BeClan project page or look here for the all the builds from the first to Alpha 9.

3 Responses to “IMkit Alpha 9”

  1. slaad says:

    That’s correct, the ICQ protocol won’t work with net_server. The AIM one, however, should (It compiles, but I’ve not tested it). There are plans to start using the AIM add on for ICQ though so once that’s done, you’ll be able to use ICQ on net_server.

  2. Nutcase says:

    Which networking model is OpenBeOS following? Net Server? Bone? Something else entirely? Just curious… I know they are going for R5 compatibility, but isn’t bone becoming a bit of a requirement these days? Maybe developers should code towards OBOS standards so that apps will work when it’s out?

  3. Jace says:

    Coding to net_server design allows apps to work on BONE systems, supposedly, as it is backwards compatible (obviously not always). OpenBeOS is designed to support existing BeOS apps and app design, so there should be no problem with apps running on OpenBeOS if they are designed to work on BeOS R5.

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