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BeOS Audio Development

by @ 10:19 am on 1/25/2004. Filed under Bits N' Pieces

For those of you interested in audio developments on BeOS, we have some great news. BeOS Journal and LeBuzz have already picked up on the fact that echogals and echo24 drivers are in development by Jerome Duval. has a PCI interface for the Echo Layla 24, and will be testing as such, but they will also acquire a PCMCIA/Cardbus interface for testing and support. member Deej is selling his BeBox in order to acquire the PCMCIA/Cardus interface.

3 Responses to “BeOS Audio Development”

  1. Deej says:

    Note: I found out that the floppy drive does NOT work. I couldn’t get it to recognize any floppy at all in Drive Setup.

    Also, since I didn’t post pics for so long, the auction will end not in two weeks, but on Weds, Feb 11. The highest bidder will be notified by email the morning of Feb 12. All bids must be recieved by 00:01 MST (GMT -7) on Feb 12th. Paypal is the preferred method of payment. Shipping costs will be determined at the close of the auction when the shipping address is given.

    All questions should be emailed to me at deej at rockthefront dot com.

    And, I had set the reserve price at $400USD, but I will say that this has already been exceeded in the pre-pictures portion of the auction.


  2. Blomberg says:

    Sorry about straying a bit from the topic, but how is BeOS support for the Envy24 chips?

    I’m thinking of the M-Audio/Midiman Delta/Audiophile line in particular, but afaik, some Terratec and other cards use it as well.

  3. AudioTrak says:

    Yes, it makes MUCH MORE SENSE to port to an ‘alive’ chipset like ICE1712 (aka envy24), especially now that it’s child the ICE1724 (aka envy24HT) is out and features proquality for CONSUMER-PRICES. There are opensource drivers (LGPL) could be used for ports of both drivers: FYI ICE1724 cards start at $30 USD and do 8-channel 24bit@96khz multitrack recording, with dual-channel 24bit@192khz playback.

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