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3ivx update

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Posted by:Yez on Thursday, 18 Dec, 2003 @ 9:28 AM

Obviously, someone over at 3ivx wholeheartly believes in BeOS. The latest version of their product can only be found on 3 platforms and BeOS is one of those 3 (MacOS and Windows are the others). If you are interested in testing it out, head over to this page to grab the BeOS version.

5 Responses to “3ivx update”

  1. tb100 Says:

    And the really good news is that David McPaul (the guy responsible for this) is also helping out Marcus with the OpenBeOS media kit - as evidenced here http://www.freelists.org/archives/openbeosmediakit/12-2003/

    It seems that the OBOS media kit is not far off feature-complete. Then we will finally be able to watch stuff in Be-native programs without the bugs with the R5 kit (audio sync, divx seek, etc).

    Rock on Marcus and David


  2. lichtgestalt Says:

    Does anyone know if we will be able to simply drop the OBOS media kit into R5 to replace the old kit or are there dependencies between various modules that makes this impossible?

  3. tb100 Says:

    It should be a drop-in replacement AFAICT.

    What has changed is the codec API, so R5 codecs won’t work with the OBOS media server. That is not really a problem though, especially since it now looks like one of the 3ivx “insiders” is working on getting the codecs working with the new API.

    In fact it is already possible to drop the OBOS media server, media addon server, mixer, and an OBOS MP3 codec over R5 and play MP3s in media player.

    I think all apps and drivers should work from R5, as that was a public API that has been cloned.


  4. Buck Says:

    Has anyone had any success with the current media kit with audio while playing Divx movies? I can’t get it to work no matter what… Either there’s no sound at all, or it’s all garbled. Any links or general hints?

  5. tb100 Says:

    Audio works OK for me (some DivXs have windows-only codecs for sound, but others seem to work). Seeking in a DivX causes the audio to start from the beginning - I think that’s a bug in the AVI extractor. Nothing you can do about it, apart from waiting till OBOS’s replacement is ready.

    The updated media kit in Zeta might also not suffer from this bug.


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