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OpenBeOS acting like a duck!

by @ 3:19 pm on 12/4/2003. Filed under BeDevCity

Like the beautiful duck that appears to sit on the water, apparently doing nothing, we have watched OBOS, wondering if they were actually doing anything. While the duck kicks like the dickens to stay in one spot, the OBOS team is working hard behind the scenes, moving all the nitty-gritty inners of OBOS towards the R1 goal. Head on over to the Open BeOS website to find out who deserves all the kudos and what they have been working on.

2 Responses to “OpenBeOS acting like a duck!”

  1. NiteMair says:


  2. Ryan says:

    I think Yez is saying that OpenBeOS is being furiously active behind the scenes, but on the surface they look like they are drifting. To support this theory, head over to OpenBeOS’s site via his link and read the whole update about how they are being active behind the scenes, dispite little visible front end progress.

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