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3ivX not released on BeOS yet

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Posted by:Ryan on Saturday, 16 Dec, 2000 @ 2:30 AM

Well.. in a stunning move of not-so-coolness, 3ivx launched today, but only with a windows version and a note that the BeOS version will “Take a little longer”. It is listed on their page, and their commitment seems to be intact, but it looks like another waiting game has begun. Oh well. Time to offer our support and let them know how much we want it… Maybe we can get it pushed up on their schedule. On the upside, this will allow lots of content to be created before our codec is released.

44 Responses to “3ivX not released on BeOS yet”

  1. LoCal Says:

    3ivx for mac, not for winblows

    Well, “move of not-so-coolnes” is quiet an understatement ;) But there is no Windoze version, but only a Mac (classic!) version.
    I’m really disappointed about that….and much more about the note behind the BeOS verion. What is “Will take a little longer..”? does this mean few days, few weeks, a month? Big disappointment…….and no good sign for 3ivx overall.


  2. Scot Hacker Says:

    In Response To LoCal @ 12/16/2000 1:51:15 PM

    Re: 3ivx for mac, not for winblows

    Well, it’s going to be tough for them to do it as a system encoder unless they get assistance from Be, as Be hasn’t published the API for encoder builders yet. Remember that the DivX people needed specific help from Be. I’m sure the case here will be the same.

  3. Guildencrantz Says:

    Can you say “dick move”?

    Alright, I’m pissed now. I was upset when there was a “Don’t bug us, we’re busy. It’ll be up soon.” sign on their webpage. All day. I didn’t even get to log in until around 11pm central US, and the download for the Mac wasn’t even there yet! Then to see this morning that it was only a Mac release, not even M$, I was less than jubilant.

    Just goes to show: DON’T MAKE PROMISES YOU CAN’T KEEP. Especially if you promise a simultaneous release for all platforms. The worst move on 3ivx’s part was only releasing the one platform. They should have anounced days, or weeks, ago that it would not be a simultaneous launch.

    Oh well, I’m bitter.


  4. Big Al Says:

    In Response To Guildencrantz @ 12/16/2000 2:58:52 PM

    Re: Can you say

    At least this example (and your reaction) lends credence to Be’s habit of not revealing anything until its actually released…

  5. Nem Says:

    In Response To Big Al @ 12/16/2000 3:04:32 PM

    Re: Can you say

    *sigh* the least they could have done was tell us that the initial release was only for mac (as somebody posted earlier).

    Checking over the page I saw nothing mentioned about the encoder at all, just the player. Since they were to be selling licenses for the profesional encoder for divx, perhaps they held back because of MS Video 8 release which also happened to be on the 15th. Perhaps their work is not up to par of that of microsoft so they are trying to get their sh*#t together before the final ms release.

  6. Nem Says:

    In Response To Scot Hacker @ 12/16/2000 2:54:44 PM

    Re: 3ivx for mac, not for winblows

    even if they did get help from Be, would we be able to match anything other then a raw audio track up to the video while encoding?
    Is this fixed in the next release of BeOS? Scot?

  7. LoCal Says:

    In Response To Scot Hacker @ 12/16/2000 2:54:44 PM

    Re: 3ivx for mac, not for winblows

    But isn’t the point, that they only released ONE version yet. No M$, no *nix, no BeOS. Be can’t be blamed for the lack of the *nix and the M$-version.
    Anyway, I hope we will get 100% 3ivx for BeOS :)


  8. Nem Says:

    In Response To LoCal @ 12/16/2000 4:16:57 PM

    Re: 3ivx for mac, not for winblows

    i have to agree with you . a 100% beos version that takes advantage of all beos has to offer would… how do they say, “ROCK DA PHREAKIN HAUS!!!!”

  9. Nem Says:

    In Response To Nem @ 12/16/2000 3:21:06 PM

    Re: Can you say

    sorry, i ment to say “selling licenses for the professional encoder for 3ivx” NOT divx;-)

  10. greydawn Says:

    3ivx = WMA8

    Um… hasn’t it occurred to anyone else how unlikely it is that a new codec like this with such grand claims suddenly appears at the same time as WMA8… a codec created by a company with billions in R&D funding? I mean its practically the same… it is quite likely that 3ivx is simply a hacked version of WMA8 just like Divx was. How do these people get off hacking something MS made and calling it their own? Granted its a baseless acusation and most won’t care, but it still bugs me.

    Does anyone else feel there is something inherently wrong in this? Just wondering. At the very least this explains why we may have to wait a while before we see it on BeOS… it has to be properly hacked first. For more information on this “theory” see the comments posted in the story on www.betanews.com.

    - greydawn (aka someone who feels that there is something morally wrong with Divx and 3ivx)

  11. jmj Says:

    In Response To Guildencrantz @ 12/16/2000 2:58:52 PM

    Re: Can you say

    The Mpeg4 codec is one of the most complex codec created so I suppose it takes some time to get it right. A Mpeg2 codec has a compression ratio up to 60 while the Mpeg4 has compression ratio up to 2400!! (as stated by my prof who also is a member of the Mpeg4 committee www.icg.isy.liu.se)

  12. jmj Says:

    In Response To greydawn @ 12/16/2000 7:08:56 PM

    Re: 3ivx = WMA8

    Just a thought; the Mpeg4 standard was specifically created as an open standard that no company can own.. I don’t know if it has to be opensource though..

  13. ft Says:

    In Response To greydawn @ 12/16/2000 7:08:56 PM

    Re: 3ivx = WMA8

    Do you think we’d ever see Microsoft port over their WMA codec to alternative operating systems?
    Probably not anytime in the near future.

    That’s partly why projects such as DivX and 3ivx exist and even though they may be based on Microsoft’s WMA(not sure if this is true), I’m just glad both 3ivx and Divx are available (or will be soon) for the BeOS.

    Microsoft could also use the competition.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    3ivX not released for BeOS

    Why are we wasting time on such irrelevant issues. 3ivX is only one of a number of mainstream applications not coming to BeOS anytime soon and probably not at all if Be needs to be involved. Face facts, by the middle of next year we will all be using Windows2000 or MacosX so why waste our time caring about developers both new and established who no longer have interest in BeOS.

  15. madshi Says:

    Come on guys!!

    Don’t be so negative!!

    Now there is someone who plans to bring great software freely to BeOS (and Windows and *nix and Mac). Okay, it takes a bit longer than we thought. But such negative reactions are not the right way to motivate any developer (I know what I’m talking about, being a developer myself)! If you want to motivate someone, you have to say *positive* things. Let’s be happy that we’ll get that 3ivX encoder at all! It doesn’t really matter whether it takes some days/weeks more or not.

    Go on, 3ivX!

  16. Guildencrantz Says:

    In Response To Big Al @ 12/16/2000 3:04:32 PM

    Re: Can you say

    Honestly I have no problem with Be’s method of not announcing anything until it’s 100% sure to be released. IMHO that’s the way it should be done.

    I think it’s Rare that has a strict “No Date” policy, a few other game developers as well. This way there are no rush jobs and everything is released as promised; all of which was done incorrectly by 3ivx.


  17. ckristian Says:

    In Response To madshi @ 12/17/2000 09:07:20 AM

    what happened to bone and Opengl?

    if Be Inc … eh … damn

  18. MToth Says:

    Great News!!

    This really turns out to be an overall advantage of BeOS - not only that there will be plenty of films out there by the time the Codec is released, it’s the same with the apps… hold on another couple years and by the time people start porting their apps to BeOS, there will already be plenty of them!!! Isn’t this just great..?!! !

  19. LeftTurn Says:

    Oh well

    I for one wasn’t really expecting 3ivX to be available for BeOS the first go around. Actually, I was rather surprised to see it only available for the Mac. I hope they are able to get the other versions done soon, especially our beloved BeOS :)
    I don’t find anything morally wrong with 3ivX or DivX, as anything not MS would be shut out of the scene completely.
    I’m sure the 3ivX people are working hard and I wish them the best.

  20. LeftTurn Says:

    A possible answer

    Well, I just checked the website again, and they have the Windows version available now. The one thing I noticed is the little note that says “Quicktime 4 or higher required”.
    That does nnot bode well for BeOS since we don’t have Quicktime nor the ability to play a Quicktime 4 movie :(


  21. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 12/17/2000 08:46:12 AM

    Re: 3ivX not released for BeOS

    You are absolutely right… since we are all going to be using Windows and MacOSX in a year anyway, why waste time on irrelevant issues such as 3ivx for beos… or beos itself for that matter. Course, this being a BeOS news site sorta justifies our posting it… seeing as it’s BeOS news. But since BeOS news is irrelevant, you should move on to windows news sites and stop wasting time here… we’ll all follow. Honest. Now you get along to your new os…go on now… git…

  22. IAmWhoIHam Says:

    In Response To greydawn @ 12/16/2000 7:08:56 PM

    Does Microsoft own MPEG4 also?

    Just curious, since that is what you’re implying.

  23. IAmWhoIHam Says:

    In Response To LeftTurn @ 12/17/2000 7:27:00 PM

    Re: A possible answer

    That does nnot bode well for BeOS since we don’t have Quicktime nor the ability to play a Quicktime 4 movie

    Neither does Linux/Unix. Obviously if this group promised versions for these platforms without Quicktime, they must have thought through this already… let’s give them SOME credit.

  24. Big Al Says:

    In Response To Guildencrantz @ 12/17/2000 10:21:55 AM

    Re: Can you say

    Whoops - I didn’t mean to say you were one of the complainers. I just wanted to point out that it was a great illustration of what happens when dates or time limits are promised or even hinted at.

    Hope you didn’t take offense! :)

  25. Big Al Says:

    In Response To LeftTurn @ 12/17/2000 7:27:00 PM

    Re: A possible answer

    Feel free to shoot me down on this because of my lack of knowlege, but wasn’t QT4 the first version to support streaming? And I thought MPeg4 was a streaming codec. If that’s the case then it doesn’t have much to do with Quicktime the codec as it does Quicktime the player.

    Anyone? Or am I way off base here?

  26. neiras Says:

    In Response To greydawn @ 12/16/2000 7:08:56 PM

    Re: 3ivx = WMA8

    Now then. When you install DIVX on beos, you need some .dll files. DLLs are WINDOWS shared libraries. You DON’T find .dll files on BeOS. Those DLLs are MICROSOFT property. They were created by MICROSOFT, and stolen from an installation of Windows. Why do you think the DLLs aren’t packaged with the DiVX “codec”? DiVX is NOT a real codec. The DiVX programmers did NOT create the codec. They merely hacked some Microsoft code to work on multiple platforms.

    The fact is, DiVX is nothing new or exciting, and it’s actually illegal. 3iVX is probably more of the same grey-market cruft.

  27. Tony Says:

    In Response To LeftTurn @ 12/17/2000 7:27:00 PM

    Re: A possible answer

    I thought we could play QT4 files on BeOS just not the sorenson codec.
    So if they have a different codec then we can play the files using the 3ivX codec.

  28. Tony Says:

    In Response To LeftTurn @ 12/17/2000 7:27:00 PM

    Re: A possible answer

    I thought we could play QT4 files on BeOS just not the sorenson codec.
    So if they have a different codec then we can play the files using the 3ivX codec.

  29. technospider Says:

    In Response To Tony @ 12/18/2000 03:50:03 AM

    Re: A possible answer

    Although QT4 is really a wrapper for a codec and several can be used, most QT4 movies that i know of [i]are[/i] encoded with Sorenson.
    And of course Apple Inc. doesn’t feel like sharing again this week.
    No Apple Inc. doesn’t own Sorenson, but they DO have an exclusive license to use it.

  30. Hadacar Says:

    In Response To LeftTurn @ 12/17/2000 7:27:00 PM

    Re: A possible answer

    Come on. A Codec is just a piece of code. If they got the Mac one done first then they prob. made it work with the QT API. It makes sense that they would write as little new code as possible so it is a QT codec under Win also…
    Also, seeing as it is new code, they prob wrote it to work with the NEW API (version 4 perhaps?)
    Not that ground breaking…

  31. David Bruce Says:

    In Response To neiras @ 12/18/2000 03:43:35 AM

    Re: 3ivx = WMA8

    I don’t think it is illegal if you have a legitimate Windows license for the machine, and it certainly is tough to buy a PC that doesn’t come with a licensed copy of Windows. If you are using the files for a use not approved by MS, so what. If MS had any grounds for complaining, it would depend on a ridiculous EULA of doubtful legality.

  32. Soultrape Says:

    I got the stuff, All of it ;)

    Ok, i’m currently going to review the entire series of All what is related to 3ivx (Including the Encoder).
    I’m working with some of the developers of the Codec (Please, no flaming, All you people out there know that your not working on such a codec, these people took the time to make something right and even gave you a sneak Preview of what they’r working on).

    Now, the decoder (and encoder) are the FIRST primilinary release, meaning they are the first Alpha/Delta (Hence Delta, meaning its not even ALPHA!)

    btw, dont ask my for the encoder ;P

    now, the BeOS crew ARE WORKING on the codec and it WILL BE released for BeOS (not in a year ;P), its just that it does take time to optimize, fix (lotsa bugs, i got the list :P ) but eventually it Will be released for BeOS.

    I am going to push the original authors to Push the development of the BeOS codec (they’r also working on PS2, AmigaOS… unix…) so it is ok to wait in this case.

    I’ll be reviewing the codec, encoder, decoder (the entire package) and have a nice interview with two/three of the members involved and what to expect in the next version(s). :P

  33. Brent P. Newhall Says:

    In Response To Nutcase @ 12/17/2000 7:30:28 PM

    Re: 3ivX not released for BeOS

    hehehehehe, you tell ‘im Nutcase.

    But yeah, exactly. This is BeOS news, and it belongs here.

  34. Brent P. Newhall Says:

    In Response To madshi @ 12/17/2000 09:07:20 AM

    Re: Come on guys!!

    I feel that the level of negativity shown here is justified. This isn’t a full-scale rant about how the Be community is being screwed; it’s showing disappointment that a developer who promised a Be port is not delivering it when they said they would. This is something that software developers need to be called on, as long as they’re not beat over the head with it (and I don’t think Nutcase is beating anyone over the head with this).

  35. Brent P. Newhall Says:

    In Response To Soultrape @ 12/18/2000 3:19:01 PM

    Re: I got the stuff, All of it ;)

    Cool, glad to hear it.

    FWIW, the frustration that I see is related to the promise of a simultaneous release, which has been broken. I know I’m certainly grateful for the BeOS release, but it’s a real shame that they promised a simultaneous release, and then didn’t follow up on that promise.

  36. Piers Says:

    In Response To ft @ 12/16/2000 9:03:38 PM

    Re: 3ivx = WMA8

    Hmmm, I thought it was more than just providing competition for Microsoft. I was thinking that it was freeing up the codec capabilities from one OS an OS as a media content creator I hate with a bloody passion. It is pathetic that’s why I’m here as are the rest of you, I assume.

    To take any work MS has done that ties media onto their platform and hack it or learn from it and improve it then pump it out on multiple platforms is great by me. We have already seen how MS has tried and almost succeeded in basterdising open web standards so half of the web pages out there don’t work properly unless you are viewing in IE 5.x, we must not allow this to continue and especially not in high bandwidth media distribution. He who controls the means of distribution controls the content.

    I have a Digital Postproduction startup helping artists publish their performance based art on the web and also distribute it across a multitude of other mediums and the work of people like the guys providing DivX and 3ivX is essential in the work I do and the aims of myself and the artists for whom I work for. The power of expression and distribution of artistic endeavour should not be owned by one company restricted to one computer platform. It should be for the artists themselves.
    Roll on the work and for the impatients, hold onto your knickers for this is bigger than just missed release dates.

    Piers Bray

  37. LeftTurn Says:

    In Response To Soultrape @ 12/18/2000 3:19:01 PM

    Re: I got the stuff, All of it ;)

    Well this is good to hear. I guess the developers could have done a better job with their announcement, giving a brief timeline stating which systems would see it first, which ones will come later. At least it is good to know that it is being worked on. Thank you for the info.

  38. LeftTurn Says:

    In Response To LeftTurn @ 12/17/2000 7:27:00 PM

    Re: A possible answer

    Just goes to show I’m not an expert on all this codec stuff :)
    Since they can’t use the QT API for BeOS, I guess there’s more coding involved, so it’ll take longer. At least it’s in the works :)

    For the record, I have yet to successfully play a QT4 file in BeOS. It just don’t work. Apple can take their “exclusive license” and shove it up the butt :D

  39. Brent P. Newhall Says:

    In Response To madshi @ 12/19/2000 02:25:50 AM

    Re: Come on guys!!

    Gotcha, and a good point.

  40. madshi Says:

    In Response To Brent P. Newhall @ 12/18/2000 5:06:35 PM

    Re: Come on guys!!

    I wasn’t complaining about Nutcase, but about the *very* negative reaction of some other guys. Sorry, if my comment was misleading in this aspect…

  41. Soultrape Says:

    Interview is ready

    well, my interview is ready, the review will soon come…. check out the interview at http://bts.152.org

  42. Technix : Chris Simmons Says:

    In Response To Soultrape @ 12/19/2000 11:54:30 AM

    Re: Interview is ready

    But… but…

    The most important question I think on everyone’s mind right now is:

    Will 3ivx be able to play divx files?

  43. LeftTurn Says:

    The ball’s in Be’s court…

    Well, I read the interview by soultrape (good job by the way), and it appears we won’t see 3ivx for BeOS until Be releases the new APIs. Apparently, it is tied into one of the new ones :(

    Have to play with it on Windows for now…

  44. Kanegis Aura Says:

    Don’t walk behind me, I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.

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