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New nVidia driver in development

by @ 1:39 pm on 7/18/2003. Filed under Hardware

Rudolf Cornelissen, the author of the NeoMagic driver we posted about a couple of months ago, has begun work on a new nVidia driver. He had this to say in a post to the BeDriverTalk mailing list:

Currently modesetup is partially working, all cards should be recognized (85!) and the hardcursor is operational.

He also mentions the current status of the NeoMagic video driver by saying:

This driver has full modesetup, hardcursor
and hardware overlay working. Some details have to be sorted out though for most cards, because I don’t own them I am unable to test much here

This is great news for both NeoMagic and nVidia users! I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say “Keep up the great hard work Rudolf!” You can find more information and get the current status on the nVidia driver, as well as download the NeoMagic driver, on his website.

6 Responses to “New nVidia driver in development”

  1. BeOS Jon says:

    We need to pay this guy mucho dinero so that maybe he will be encouraged to write drivers for other worthy hardware!

  2. wing says:

    I have not met this man yet I feel an immense love for him.*

    *obligatory not gay

  3. Konrad says:

    Great work Rudolf, I heard that your drivers really rock ( Matrox ). I never got the op. to try them, but I will probablyu purchase new hardware soon. Keep up the great work!

  4. Scottmc says:

    I’m looking to see how much interest there is in donating funds towards buying a top-of-the-line GeForce 4 card for Rudolf, this way he’d be able to test on the most current hardware. Please email me with your pledges and if there’s enough interest I’ll setup some way to collect funds. (Or if anyone has a spare G4 laying around)


  5. John Blanco says:

    Holy crap! BeGroovy is still going strong!!! Cool!!! Glad to see the Be community is still around. What a great OS. My life is now taken up with KDE, but it’s nice to see there are some BeOS-isms to be found. 🙂 Workin’ at CorAccess with a certain ex-Be employee.

    Come one, come all, and buy lots of Companions for your home!

    Hey Deej! 🙂 How’s life?

  6. Deej says:


    How’s it been? Are you still in Denver (where is CorAccess)? Shooting you an email (if you posted with a good address 🙂 ).


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