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Why Zeta?

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Posted by:Deej on Tuesday, 17 Jun, 2003 @ 11:42 AM

Eugenia sent us a head’s up to a new editorial online at OSNews about Zeta. A “Top Ten” reasons sort of thing. I personally will be buying it 1) to support yellowTab’s efforts, 2) to update my system, and 3) because BeOS remains my most oft booted OS. My favorite quote from the article:

PalmSource has absolutely 0% interest in BeOS. Their “execs don’t even remember they actually own the Be IP” someone in the know told me once.

Knowing how they were when beunited.org tried to get a license, I find it quite fortunate that yellowTab was able to license the code at all and save the OS for the community. Support them! Besides, it’ll be a while before we have an open source offering - and I know you all need an updated OS out there! (Aside the fact that yellowTab has plans to incorporate OSS solutions into Zeta, so it becomes a distro of sorts as time goes on anyways).

7 Responses to “Why Zeta?”

  1. tb100 Says:

    About the “distro” thing:

    Linux is such a horid system, with so many different, inconsistant parts, people are not going to mind paying $100 to a company to put it together for them so that it (almost) works. (Free software…scoff)

    With OBOS though, won’t I just be able to grab a complete ISO off the OBOS site? After all, they are working on all the bits and pieces from R5. A straight build of OBOS will include all the drivers, the kernel, app server, other servers, pref apps, styled edit, ShowImage - ie be a complete working OS by itself. I’m a little confused as to what a “distributor” would add to that.

    I’d be interested in any enlightenment.


  2. Deej Says:

    Yes, you could easily just grab an ISO of OBOS. However, with that, you only get OBOS, no supporting apps. Michael has stated time and time again browsers, compilers, etc are all in the domain outside of OBOS itself. To get all that requires separate downloads and licenses. Zeta, as well as others, I’m sure, will offer a OSBOS (not OBOS) compliant operating system, and offer other apps included that will increase their own distro’s value.

    Zeta also will not be entirely OBOS, but use parts of it, and keeping some licensed BeOS code closed for their own use.


  3. benox Says:

    It’s great to see a new BeOS release coming soon, and I will certainly buy to give it a try to remember the good old days.
    But I find it difficult to believe that YellowTab really managed to license the source code from Be (or Palm). Anyone has ever heard official statements about that licensing? Even YellowTab seems quite silent about this issue.


  4. Deej Says:

    I know yellowTab has licensed “parts” of the OS source as well as distribution rights for the OS. This knowledge is from Bernd himself, directly to me (beunited.org), and I know that he had several rounds of talks with PalmSource.

    Others I know have confirmed it as well. This was a license struck with Be, Inc. before the buyout that holds past the buyout, and PalmSource is honoring it. What exactly yellowTab licensed, I’m not at liberty to say, nor do I know for sure about exacts.


  5. jared aka littlecoat Says:

    all my life i have wasted resources. from my childhood “buy me this” demands to my expensive adult hobbies. i have heard some proclaim that zeta is nothing more than Dano. i have heard some state their dis-affection for yT’s approach to “adding features instead of improving current ones”. to this i scoff mildly, Be did not produce perfection but rather aimed for it. yT cared enough for BeOS to risk heavy financial burden and an entire fleeting moment of their lives. yT too, will aim for perfection. i can so no other reason for their efforts but to attempt to aim as Be aimed. i WILL purchase zeta. but what if the naysayer’s are right? well, i will still be happy to have ‘wasted’ my money for something i believe is worthwhile, rather than wasting it on more silly hobbies which have already drained much more of my budget than yT is asking for. i beleive in yT. do you? what will it take to make a beleiver out of you?


  6. Deej Says:

    Amen Jared.

    I just dropped $50 on a very good quality guitar cable - not the guitar itself, just a cable to connect it to an amp. I actually have several expensive cables (yes, just cables, mind you - wires to interconnect the even more expensive stuff) to connect the guitars, various effects processors and the amp. I probably have easily $200 in cables I’ve purchased over the past year. Cables. Granted, they are lifetime guaranteed, so if they go bad, I can replace them at no cost. But $200 - for cables - for a hobby.

    Yes, I think I can justify an OS for less - even if it is only Dano with a couple of extra items, it’s a legal BONE and new drivers - and a few new apps to boot! :P

  7. Deej Says:

    Just wanted to clarify on my last sentence above - I do not know what all will be with yellowTab, I have not seen it nor talked with Bernd about it in quite some time. Nor do I know the extent of how much it is or isn’t Dano, I only know that it’s “Dano-based”, meaning it came from the same source tree as Dano was (the “exp” tree).

    I do know that I’ll be getting a couple of new apps and some hopefully updated driver support - that’s enough for me.


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