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Cosmoe 0.7rc3 released!

by @ 1:17 pm on 6/13/2003. Filed under Cosmoe

Cosmoe, the “Compatible Open Source Multi Operating-system Environment” created when Bill Hayden forked the atheos app_server, put it on top of the linux kernel, changed the API to be BeOS-like, and started attaching other api’s like openstep/cocoa, and the linux standards, has a new release. This release, 0.7rc3 is a “close to ready” 0.7 release which has a few more bugs. Most of the work since the last release has been internal, and involved nearly rewriting libcosmoe from scratch based on the openbeos codebase. Yes folks, they are sharing. This is why free software rules.

In any case, go check out the new release if you are so inclined. If it’s good, consider helping out. You can read the complete announcement simply by clicking the read more link. Congratulations Bill!

–Original Announcement–

You can find the latest release of Cosmoe, version 0.7rc3, on the Cosmoe
website at

The changes from 0.6 are almost too extensive to mention, since libcosmoe
was almost rewritten from scratch based on code from OpenBeOS. There are
dozens of new classes, and many things work markedly better. However, there
are some things actually work worse now because the hack that they relied on
was removed in the rewrite.

It’s called rc3 because some of the remaining breakage is pretty fundamental
(though probably easy to fix). Notably, menus don’t work and buttons work
visually but don’t invoke anything. I just didn’t want to wait yet another
week to put some code out. You can find a list of remaining bugs on the
website under the new “bug list” link in the header. Your assistance is
getting there bugs ironed out would be greatly appreciated.

To answer everyone’s question: DirectFB support has been basically
abandoned (by me anyway — anyone is welcome to take it up), and SDL support
is in a proof-of-concept, pre-alpha stage. Yes, I know this sucks. I am
not an expert in SDL by any stretch of the imagination, so any assistance
here is VERY MUCH appreciated. Use ./configure –enable-sdl to try out SDL
support (with expectations held very low) while running under X.

Now that something is out there and I can hopefully get some help from the
Cosmoe community, I’d like to drastically accelerate the release timetable
in the future. Once 0.7 runs acceptably, I’ll put the code into SourceForge
so that we can finally have CVS access.

Bill Hayden

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