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NeoMagic Drivers in the Works

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Posted by:Deej on Thursday, 22 May, 2003 @ 10:56 AM

In a post over at BeOSJournal’s forums, Rudolf Cornelissen has posted promising news for all you that have emailed me about NeoMagic video drivers (and no, I don’t have them, nor do the SMLynx drivers work). Read more to see his post, and head over to here to volunteer to test.

Hi there

Are there people out here that would like to test a new NeoMagic videodriver?

I am working on one, and it’s progressing well upto now. I expect to be running it completely independantly from preloaded VESA mode any time now.

->virtual screens / BWindowScreen including panning/scrolling
->colorspace selection
->colorpalette setup
->refreshrate selection
->resolution selection
->you can switch between panel and the external monitor via the special key on the laptop KB. Also the driver respects the output preselected in the BIOS.

Up next:
->last bits and pieces to become free of VESA mode: some modeswitch registers need to be inited;
->LCD panel updates: centering and virtualmodes with MOVE_SCREEN support (maybe stretching also),
->2D acceleration
->hardware overlay.

The driver is tested on NM2160 and NM2097 upto now.
It should support NM2070-NM2380 if all is right: I need to enable the ID detection for those cards and have someone to tell me if it works.
Overlay will not work on NM2070: no BES hardware there.

For now I only plan to support standard mode panels: no 800×480 or so (yet).

I plan to make this an (open)BeOS opensource driver.

Let me know what you think

Best regards,

Rudolf Cornelissen.

3 Responses to “NeoMagic Drivers in the Works”

  1. RepairmanJack Says:

    Hey Deej, SMLynx Drivers..?
    Care to explain? You might remember that I’ve got the LynxE chipset in my latop and the alpha drivers from Dan Berlin helped but do not give me real functionality. The implication from your news post is that the Neo-Magic driver is somehow related. Is this indeed the case?

  2. Deej Says:

    I posted those Lynx drivers to BeBits some time ago. Dan also sent me a file called NeoMagic, I don’t know what it is/was, and which didn’t work for several people’s NeoMagic cards. But somehow the two became linked in people’s minds, and I recieved a lot of email asking about the NeoMagic drivers. I was just stating that they don’t work, and that these new ones would be needed for NeoMagic users.

  3. Deej Says:

    Oh, kinda missed an important point - the SMLynx drivers are alpha, unrelated to NeoMagic, and do not work very well - slightly better than vesa. I have not used them in a long time, as they weren’t that much better than vesa. :P


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