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BeOSRadio Seeks Bandwidth Angel

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Posted by:Deej on Monday, 12 May, 2003 @ 1:49 PM

Just in from Dane:

For the past winter and spring, BeOSRADIO has been relayed by a Swedish volunteer who has provided bandwidth, however that opportunity will be ending soon. There’s an immediate need for another volunteer who has a high bandwidth connection and can run our low-overhead relay server on their BeOS machine.

Demands on the person providing the streams are very low. Once in awhile when the relay server runs aground we ask the person to restart it. This might be entirely aleviated by using a simple script to routinely close and restart it. At any rate, the main need we have is a consistently-running BeOS machine on a T1 or better Internet connection. If you can help, please alert Dane Scott, immediately at dane@beosradio.com.

I hope there is someone out there that can keep this great radio station, and BeOS promotive medium, online and well.

One Response to “BeOSRadio Seeks Bandwidth Angel”

  1. Ludovic Hirlimann Says:

    The BeOS radio amazes me. It’s supose to be a commercial venture, but relays on people who believe BeOS has a future to provide free services.
    Whith all the freebe’s collected throught the BeOS community Dan has been able to fund the development of a commercial product and he also has been able to promote his software and software compagny using the beos radio has an example. If he sells his software I hope he will give back something to the community, because broadcasting the radio is to me not giving anything back;

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