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WinBe on Sourceforge

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Posted by:Ryan on Friday, 02 May, 2003 @ 7:21 AM
Submitted News

WinBe, a project designed to provide a Windows execution environment under BeOS, is now back on track after being inactive for almost two years. According to Toyoshima, the lead developer of this project, the sources of WinBe are now on sourceforge.net and can be
accessed via CVS.

WinBe intends to provide an execution environment for Windows applications under BeOS in much the same way that the WINE project does. So instead of being an emulator, WinBe will implement KERNEL32.dll, USER32.dll, GDI32.dll and other Windows libraries under BeOS, so that applications can load Windows DLLs like addons using the libld_dll.so library.

Although the project has been inactive for quite some time now, Toyoshima reports that some games can be executed, and that a lot of DLLs that do not require a GUI are available.

Needless to say, Toyoshima could use some help from other BeOS developers. To help overcome the language barrier, JPBE.net volunteers to act as the initial contact point for those English speaking coders that would like to participate in this project. If you are interested, please write to koki@jpbe.net.

Editors Note: This exclusive BeGroovy update from the Japanese BeOS community was submitted verbatim by Koki of JPBE.net. We are working together to unite the American/European and Japanese BeOS communities simply through better communications. Koki has been going to to great lengths at this, and is making amazing progress in opening both communities to each other. If you can help Toyoshima out with this project, or can help out with anything else you hear about from the Japanese community, please don’t hesitate. Not only will you be helping a great project, but you will also be bridging a historically large gap in the community. Thanks to Koki for the great news!

8 Responses to “WinBe on Sourceforge”

  1. imaginereno Says:

    It would be helpful, I think, to note for those that are not familiar in what WINE or WinBe does, that it WILL NOT WORK on PPC.

    Since it does NOT emulate the x86, it just provides an “execution environment”.

    To run Windows apps on PPC, you would need to run Windows 95/98 under Bochs ( or an emulator like it ) and launch your app from there.

    All that being said, I think it’s great that work on this project ( WinBe ) will continue. WINE is good for “X Window” based environments, but it is a pain on platforms that are not based on “X Windows”, like BeOS or MacOSX, etc. Obviously, linux is where WINE works the best.

  2. altp Says:

    Why must development time be spent writing software to make another operating systems software work?

    If all the development hours were spent working on native code the result would indeed by less applications, but those applications that are developed would work 100% better.

    100% compatabilty is never going to be reached, and hacks will have to be put into place for certain apps.

  3. imaginereno Says:

    “Why must development time be spent writing software to make another operating systems software work?”

    Good question!

    My answer would be that there are just certain pieces of software, especially in vertical markets, that will NEVER be ported to a platform other than Windows.

    So, to be able to use your OS of choice and still use the best or standardized tool for your industry, programmers must write “execution environments” or “emulators” to satisfy this need.

    Unfortunately, even if you offered to port a companies code to BeOS/MacOSX, etc. for free, they still wouldn’t let you do the port. Such is life, whether it makes sense or not.

  4. arougthopher Says:

    “Unfortunately, even if you offered to port a companies code to BeOS/MacOSX, etc. for free, they still wouldn’t let you do the port. Such is life, whether it makes sense or not.”

    It does make sense, since, more than likely, people would be asking the company that originally wrote the software, not the porters, for support on the application. Turning those people away would be bad for customer relations, so, the best thing to do, is don’t allow the port to happen.

    Plus, WINE and WinBe, will/are aimed more at Games than applications. I’d love to be able to play Black and White under BeOS, since, I rarely play the game now, because I rarely boot into Windows.

    Anyway, we have the source now, I know I’ll try to build it. And, I may even try to help out, if, I have any time, that is ;-)

  5. Konrad Says:

    I love this Idea, and I heard that WinBe runned some of the games smoother than Windows did ( 2 hearts ).
    I think it would be good if someone translated all the comments, plus the readme file to English.
    Its alot of work, becuase its a lof of code, but it would help for thoose who are intrested in working on this project.

    Thanks to the author and Koki for arranging so this project doesnt die.

  6. Koki Says:


    Will talk to Toyoshima and see what can be done.


  7. Koki Says:

    Konrad and all others,

    This project has two mailing lists: one in Japanese and the other in English.

    According to Toyoshima-san, the best and most efficient way to communicate with the developers of WinBe is using these mailing lists.

    That way, all subscribers can see what is being asked and what the answers are, and current subscribers as well as newcomers can check the archives for answers to their questions. This, of course, is much more efficient that responding to private emails.

    Those interested can subscibre to the English developers mailing list (winbe-devel@lists.sourceforge.net) from the URL below:


    Hope this helps.


  8. Konrad Says:


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