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BeBox Anew

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Posted by:Deej on Monday, 28 Apr, 2003 @ 2:41 PM
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Well, sortof. As Nicholas Blachford, famed BeOS audio developer of old, put it, “Be goes home”. Below is his statement that went out to the BeLoud mailing list (What?! You don’t remember the BeLoud mailing list? Shame on you!).

The summary of his post is that it is now official, there will be a port of OpenBeOS running on the Pegasos PPC motherboards! Read More for Nicholas’ post.

I still own my dual 133 BeBox, and while it hasn’t been booted in quite some time, I think it’s very exciting to see BeOS’s return to PPC. I have been keeping a close eye on Genesi and Pegasos, especially after finding out Nicholas was involved. With OpenBeOS running on that platform, it will likely end up being the second PPC box I’ve owned - however, I want dual G4’s with blinkenlights, and nothing less! Nicholas? :P

Be goes home!

A long time ago Be inc. shipped a Box with PowerPC processors. Later
they abandoned the PowerPC in favour of the x86 CPUs.

ExBe inc. Kernel developer Travis Geiselbrecht is to port NewOS to the
Pegasos motherboard.

Axel Dörfler is then to work with those changes and port OpenBeOS to

Whats the big deal about this?
Pegasos is a PowerPC motherboard, Be is going home!

More details of Pegasos along with resellers can be found here:

A G4 upgrade is planned for July.

Later in the Year Pegasos 2 shall be launched with support for DDR RAM,
3 Gigabit Ethernet ports and support for G3 and G4 CPUs.

A dual G4 card is also under consideration.

Nicholas Blachford

4 Responses to “BeBox Anew”

  1. Pietro Cristofoli Says:


    So my Powermacs 5400 and 8600 are note hopeless, are they?

    The retail 5.03 is OK but I miss all the most recent X86 stuff …

  2. Anon Says:

    Do not tell me you managed to install 5.0 on a Performa 5400???

  3. aphex Says:

    Great news! PPC is just lovely.

  4. Chris P Says:

    That’s the best news ever!

    So I guess the first thing we need to do after OpenBeOS is ported is to try to get Sheep Shaver up to date for the neoBeBox. =)

    Those old Macs will be useful afterall even if it is just for their ROMS.

    Chris P.

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