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yellowTab Japan Zeta Tech Preview

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Posted by:Ryan on Monday, 21 Apr, 2003 @ 7:18 PM

JPBE.net has released the video images taken at the “Zeta Technology Preview in Tokyo” held last Saturday April 20. The event was held in front of an audience that included developers, resellers and representatives of the Japanese media, including DOS/V Magazine, UNIX USER magazine, Software Design Magazine and Linux Magazine. We expect coverage of the event at the upcoming issues of these publications, and probably others.

JPBE.net is working on a review that they will post later this week. Koki from JPBE.net was kind enough to offer BeGroovy an english translation of the article when it goes online. So look forward to reading a first hand account of the Zeta demo in Japan in the coming days here at BeGroovy, thanks to the generosity of our fellow Be’ers over in Japan. In the meantime, as Koki so eloquently puts it, “one picture is worth more than a thousand words”, so read on for some videos to enjoy until then.

The video files are in MPEG4 format and were verified to work under
the following environments:

BeOS5.0.3 (vlc 0.5.3)
MacOSX10.2.5 (QuickTime 6.1/vlc 0.5.3
Windows2000 (QuickTime 6)

The URLs for the video files are:

JPBE.net announcement (3.5 minutes, 8MB — Japanese only)

Zeta demo (70 minutes, 163MB)

8 Responses to “yellowTab Japan Zeta Tech Preview”

  1. linuxboy Says:

    HAHA it was just as hilarious as the CeBIT video.

  2. gmlongo Says:

    Care to elaborate linuxboy?

  3. NoBeForMe Says:

    Not to put words into linuxboy’s mouth, but I think the general perception of the CeBIT video is that you could have been at shows in 2000, or earlier and seen much the same thing.

    Some of us weren’t very impressed when Be Inc was demonstrating most of this stuff back in the 1990s. To put on the same show now and expect anything more than polite applause is asking too much.

  4. Koki Says:


    Don’t know what you saw in 1990 and what you compared it to, but what I saw last Saturday in Tokyo was very impressive compared to any other desktop OS that I have seen so far (all Windows versions, MacOS and several flavours of Linux).

    I am personally glad and relieved at the same time to see that YellowTAB has improved on BeOS while maintaining its simplicity and elegance.

    By the way, we had people from the Linux/Unix circles that attended the Zeta demo in Tokyo, and they were impressed with what they saw too.

    Of course, there is the question of personal taste, in which case there is no point in arguing.


  5. altp Says:

    The OS on a machine needs very little innovation over the years to stay useful.

    To survive an OS needs new applications that are continously updated to meet new demands. most of the innovation should be in the form of these applications.

    Linux/Unix, Beos, and Windows are all examples of this. They have good bases .. time to develop the apps. MacOS X is just about to this point as well (or have they already reached it?) … very little changing with the OS, but apple is releasing a ton of smaller apps to make it better.

    It doesn’t matter than BeOS hasn’t changed much since the tech-fairs in the 90’s … what does matter is that the software run on BeOS hasn’t changed much since then either. I expect, we’ll see that change shortly though.


  6. gmlongo Says:


    And the funny thing is, Linux still can NOT demonstrate anything similar to what BeOS demonstrated in 1990.


  7. Pirx Says:

    Firstly, good show, Gut Feeeling, Gut Stoff, Made in Germany, and it will have its price.

    This was a sales pitch, and I am not sure if I wanted to do a sales pitch in Japan dressed in a t-shirt. A bit more formal attire helps.

    I still do not understand the choice of venue in a crammed room for 20 people only. There is so much suitable space available sporting all the latest multimedia presentation gear in central Tokyo for 50-100 people, at really reasonable prices. What an utter waste to have someone travel for 8000 miles in order to present in that tiny room!

  8. nhongo Says:

    Pirx, why? You can just pick up an ugly shirt and take on your leatherpants! :D :D

    well “style” does not really seem to yellowtabs things.

    As for the demo it just contained some demonstartion of bebits software, kind of bored me.

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