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yellowTab heading towards Rising Sun

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Posted by:Deej on Monday, 14 Apr, 2003 @ 2:02 PM

As on the yellowTab website today…

Organized by the Japan BeOS Network with the cooperation of DOS/V Magazine of SoftBank Publishing, YellowTAB is pleased to announce a Zeta Technology Preview event to be held in Tokyo, Japan, on April 19. At this event, CTO Bernd Korz will demostrate the long-awaited Zeta, YellowTAB’s next generation BeOS operating system.

Head over to yellowTab’s site to read more!

I, for one, can’t wait to hear about it! Anyone out there in J-town that is attending want to submit a “mini-review” for us to post?

3 Responses to “yellowTab heading towards Rising Sun”

  1. Pirx Says:

    The presentation is limited to 20 people. Needless to say: I couldn’t get in, the crowd was hand-picked long before I applied.

    Pretty unbelievable that someone would travel 7000 miles for presenting to only +/- 20 people. One can reach more people with a webcam.

  2. issy Says:

    Here you could read Tech-Preview report in English.


    This page is very slow to open, please wait 5 min…transrated text is not so good, but we can feel Zeta is so nice.

  3. Koki Says:

    Hi Pirx,

    This is Koki from JPBE.net.

    I am sorry to hear that you could not get in for the Zeta Preview. We had VERY limited space this time and the event was organized on very short notice.

    The good news is that we will be putting together a report on our site (in Japanese) and there will also be an English version posted at a later date.

    Stay tuned.


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