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BlueEyed OS Updates

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Posted by:Ryan on Monday, 14 Apr, 2003 @ 1:41 PM
BlueEyed OS

BlueEyed OS has updated their site with a whole new look, and seemingly more content. In fact, according to their news page, they have a new iso on the way based on Knoppix which includes the latest version of their app server and such. It should be online as soon as they find hosting, followed closely by individual components. Hey guys - ibiblio.org is great and free hosting if you ever decide to free your project. In the meantime, keep up the interesting, if rather confidential, work.

2 Responses to “BlueEyed OS Updates”

  1. NoBeForMe Says:

    Most ironic quote from their site “A good OS has to speak your language”.

    Is it too much to ask for these organisations to at least look in an English dictionary? I know that a lot of people can’t understand why “Us top smart blokes, write good software yes?” gives a bad impression, but at least they must know poor spelling is considered a sign of ignorance / low intelligence?

    Without any knowledge of English you could have found in 30 seconds that on the front page, rewrited, nativally and confiability are not words.

  2. Casimir Says:

    Hmm, should set it up through Bit torrent…. if we all keep our d/l windows open on an agreed day, we will get wicked speeds.

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