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yellowTab news

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Posted by:Todd on Thursday, 06 Mar, 2003 @ 9:51 PM

A couple of interesting pieces of news from yellowTab. First, they are going to be at CeBIT, “the world’s largest IT and telecommunications fair.” This is sure to bring lots of exposure to the Zeta project. The second bit of news is that they are planning on publishing a “Zeta Bible.” The expected cost is going to be $49.00.

[Warning: author’s opinions ahead]

Hopefully, Zeta will be quite a polished product by the time it debuts at CeBIT. I don’t just mean the typical things one thinks of like stability and a basic complement of applications when talking of an OS, but also the English translation. yellowTab’s site has, unfortunately, gotten a (not wholly undeserved) reputation for, shall we say, interesting English phrasology. ;-) As this will be the first major look at Zeta by the press and other people in the computer industry, yellowTab would do well to comb through the OS to eliminate any and all “Zero Wing”-like translation errors.

The same holds for the Zeta Bible. It would not do well to publish a book with the kinds of grammar and spelling errors that have cropped up on the yellowTab website. Furthermore, In order for it to be at all useful, and for anyone beyond the die-hard BeOS zealots to buy it, the information in said book had better nearly completely deal with Zeta specific things. From the description on their website, though, it sounds like a fair chunk of it will be dealing with things (e.g. the Terminal, BASH) that are dealt with in the BeOS Bible, at a cheaper price (the listed price on the BeOS Bible is $34.99).

OK, end of editorial. In any event, it’s good to see progress from yellowTab, and that they are putting some effort into marketing, etc. With any luck, Zeta will be able to renew a lot of the interest and buzz that was surounding the BeOS back when R5 came out.

11 Responses to “yellowTab news”

  1. Ryan Says:

    Hehe. Zero Wing.

    BFS: All your attribute are belong to us
    Finder: Someone set us up the find


  2. fye Says:

    I think Zeta bible should add issues that are included in BeOS bible along the new features of the OS. Not everyone has the Zeta bible and if they want to attract new consumers other than BeOS ‘zealots’, they just cannot take it for granted that the new Zeta users already know those issues explained in BeOS bible.

  3. fye Says:

    Duh! I meant “… not everyone has the *BeOS* bible…”

  4. peter Says:

    if you don’t already have the beos bible, you can pretty much buy one for $1.50 on ebay.


  5. andrew Says:

    I think that yellowtab is a big joke. We just have to wait a year and they will be out of business

  6. Hobnob Says:

    Is thinkink not make prediction before ahead. Lookink stopid.

  7. coward Says:

    I dunno, they could pick Be huge in the Japanese market with their engrish :D
    www.engrish.com for those who don’t know what i mean.

  8. Mathew Says:

    If YellowTab fail or not, I think they will help keep the various BeOS clones and what not in the tech news. Which more than helpfull enough. e.g. the recent converage on theinquirer

  9. d00d Says:

    If they go out of business, those who buy still get a beOS with hardware opengl, radeon 9500/9700 and ge force 4 support, no more kernal patches, ability to run on new hardware, etc. etc.

    So you better get your order in, andrew.

  10. moopy Says:

    mathew that is a big lie.
    dont count on radeon support above 9000 and there will not be any geforce3+ support, a lie from Bernd. Read in the yellowtab forum.

  11. Kem Says:

    yeah, i heard OpenGL is going to be difficult on Be/Zeta because the programmer for that followed the money to nVidia. All Zeta really has to do is keep the OS working with new mainboard hardware and the community can probably handle scripting some basic video drivers. After all, Be is the “broadband media operating system” not the “3d games for people with too much money operating system”

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