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Auras, Bunnies, Games, BeIA, and a hardware device named after a city in Brazil

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Posted by:Ryan on Wednesday, 13 Dec, 2000 @ 11:56 PM
Bits N

Lots of little things to point out for you, and a few updates on things we already mentioned…. Basically, i am too busy to write lots of articles, and i want some of the recent stuff to stay on the frontpage. Thus a massive news drop all at once. Read on and let the comments be plentiful…

Ok. So lets see, first off BeOSCentral reported on bunnies ages ago. Recently BeNews pointed out that the beta version has been updated. The game is still pretty unstable, but word is that its like Joust, my favourite game on the Atari 2600 (and old school arcade). A similar game for BeOS would rule, so lets hope this turns out well.

Several readers have pointed out that Steve Sakoman is running an IA News site, which seems to be updated pretty often… or at least in bursts. So if you have a fascination with IA’s (as well you should, since it’s what will keep Be alive), this is a good place to get updates.

A reader whom i want to embarass cause we are friends pointed out that the index from begroovy 1.0 (index.shtml) leads to our 404 page. This is the only reader to have noticed this, and its because of an old bookmark. To that reader, i say, “make a new bookmark”. :P

Moving swiftly along, we notice that the Be view has been updated with a column about Be’s lesser known BeIA platform, Aura. This is a purely audio platform, which basically distills down Be’s amazing MP3 and audio handling into a box that can be hooked to your stereo, etc. Its really impressive looking, and worth drooling over. Then you can just go use Be In Your Stereo and have an ugly version of it now. Course, based on the mailing list discussions around BIYS, the ugly bit is temporary. Course, If you are a self-respecting geek, you are still gonna want an Aura. :)

The Black And White Fund is not doing as well as would be hoped, but has been surprisingly successful. So far, we have a bit more than 1500 in hand, and a bit more 1500 committed to be donated. There are several more people i have talked to, but they have not committed set amounts or sent in funds. There is a lot of action behind the scenes on this, so there is much hope. I will let you know what is happening as soon as i have had a chance to finalize whatever it is i am working on. :P Dont get your hopes up yet though… its still a long shot. But one that I believe we as a community can manage.

Speaking of funds, the Rio300 fund that was announced on BeGroovy p.c. (pre-crash) has born incredible fruit. The driver is near completion, and should be available by the end of the year, along with a GUI manager. So you can work with your rio from either the tracker mount, or from the gui. We have everything covered, and you will be able to access the rio whether it is powered up or not. It blows the linux drivers away, and quite honestly, it is arguably better than the windows version. But isnt that the BeOS way? :)

There is a problem though… the fund reached ~$320 when the project was accepted, but a few people on the fund have not replied to our repeated requests that they send in the amount the committed. We currently have $240 of it collected. It would be inappropriate to release the drivers until the full $320 is paid, and thus I, and the beta testers, won’t. So if anyone out there who has a rio300 (regular OR S.E.) wants a nice set of drivers, please contribute however much you can. If you committed earlier but havent paid, please do. Once we reach $320, the drivers will be released free for the whole community, so its really a generosity effort.

Oh yeah, for those of you who have a different rio (say a 500)… if you are willing to contribute a rio of the model you want a driver for (permenantly), you can probably have a driver written for the device in BeOS, of the same quality as the rio300 drivers (VERY good).

email me if you want to arrange this.

Anyway, thats the news at a glance. Comment away…

14 Responses to “Auras, Bunnies, Games, BeIA, and a hardware device named after a city in Brazil”

  1. Rurpect Says:

    In Response To ynop @ 12/14/2000 11:23:38 AM

    Me too!

    I think this might actually apply to a whole bunch of people! I emailed Nutcase about this too.

    I like the 404 page. Isn’t that cool!

  2. Rurpect Says:

    In Response To NorseLord @ 12/14/2000 08:28:51 AM

    Visor victim

    Well, I wish I could buy a Rio for the very fact that there’s gonna be cool drivers for BeOS.

    But I’ve already succombed to the temptation of a [url=http://www.innogear.com]Springboard mp3 player[/url] for the Handspring Visor. The bastard was expensive, but I’m hooked. It’s too late for me.

  3. Beryllium Says:

    Whoa, whoa, wait a sec - I want credit too! ;-)

    The second time I saw the new BeGroovy (you remember the first time, right?) was the 404 page … because I was too lazy to update the bookmark. About two weeks ago, I *finally* updated it … however, I haven’t moved it to my BeOS News Sites folder yet, it’s just sitting in the main list. Yes, you heard it here first - I’m lazy. ;-)

  4. NorseLord Says:

    RIO 300 on eBay

    If you do a search for “rio 300″ on eBay right now you will find you can get a RIO 300 for about $65 to $80 brand new. Buy one there and then put some money on the driver fund and you’re set! I’m thinking about it…

  5. egilDOTnet Says:

    Join in on this one…

    Beeing one of the beta testers and contributors to this “project” if you like, I would just like to add that the results we have seen so far looks splendid, and by the time of release this will surely be a VERY nice addition to the somewhat limited pool of 3rdparty drivers.

    So join up now, and we have the framework in hand for what might very well be the REAL mp3 revolution for the BeOS! Just think of getting 3-4 more players ported, and plugins to support them directly from soundplay/clamp, and we will have to mop the floor from all you guys drooling! :)



  6. NorseLord Says:

    In Response To egilDOTnet @ 12/14/2000 10:37:11 AM

    Re: Join in on this one…

    Direct support from a SoundPlay plug-in? That sounds nuts!

    Streaming audio, VST plug-ins, MIDI-to-.wav conversion, Rio drivers, QING, etc., etc….

    So, when do we start calling this the SoundPlayOS?


  7. ynop Says:

    In Response To Beryllium @ 12/14/2000 00:52:01 AM

    Re: Whoa, whoa, wait a sec - I want credit too! ;-)

    I dont know if he was stabing for you or me .. I email/icqed him just the other day about my lazyness … it seem that he things “I” should do work .. ha …

    Mabey I will write a utility to scan the hard drive for Bookmarks, find any that point to BeGroovy.com/index.shtml and change them.

    Uh .. or wait .. that would be work too :P

  8. IAmWhoIHam Says:


    I have been trying to get i2Go to open source the firmware in their eGo (a great portable MP3 player which has no “encrypted MP3″ requirements, supports one or two CompactFlash II cards, including the IBM MicroDrives, and has USB support built in).

    They don’t want to release the firmware, simply because they would also have to release the specialized tools to compile/debug the firmware, which do not belong to them.

    But i2Go has been really great about releasing firmware updates with new features for the player, so it’s not a big deal I guess.

    HOWEVER, the guy I talked to there did reveal that they will be releasing the information on how to interface with the eGo. I took this to mean source code examples and such for the USB connection. So maybe whoever is working on the Rio driver would like to work on a unified driver to support as many MP3 players as possible…

  9. Nick Hritsko aka skullmar Says:

    In Response To NorseLord @ 12/14/2000 11:09:11 AM

    Re: Join in on this one…

    I say we petition Be for it now, and we’ll even use the Orca as the mascot ;-) .


  10. Beryllium Says:

    In Response To ynop @ 12/14/2000 11:23:38 AM

    Re: Whoa, whoa, wait a sec - I want credit too! ;-)

    But on the other hand - a tool that scanned for broken bookmarks (and symlinks?) could be useful. Along with the ability to easily correct them.

    Perhaps one already exists for BeOS?

  11. Dark Says:

    RIO 300

    Isn’t this just amazing just $320 gets a driver/interface built. If this is all it takes why arent the companys that make these devices sponsoring this effort. For just a tiny amount compared to what they have already spent in development, they could have included BeOS and made many friends in our community. The decisions I make in which hardware I purchase is many times made with the “BeOS ready” list in mind. How many times have I passed over hardware I wanted (Monster Sound MX400) to buy something that instead is compatable with BeOS (Sound Blaster 512).
    I realise we don’t represent a large demographic but $320, that and a BeOS Ready sticker on the box would attract THOUSANDS more sales from us poor users starved for compatability.

  12. Brian Says:

    In Response To Dark @ 12/14/2000 4:38:34 PM

    Re: RIO 300

    I agree. VERY MUCH.

  13. ynop Says:

    In Response To Beryllium @ 12/14/2000 2:21:34 PM

    Re: Whoa, whoa, wait a sec - I want credit too! ;-)

    what is considered a broken link ..

    thinks like 404 are easy .. but lots of time its just nolonger a valid ‘data’ on the page.

    Like the BeGroovy 404 ..it returns a page … just not the right one. Although I think the browser does get a 404 error .. not sure about that …..

    What am I talking about .. I dont have time to write another app .. heheheh

    well .. if you realy want to see this app .. email me - if I get a few mail I will put something together… :) I am such a push-over

  14. LeftTurn Says:

    In Response To Dark @ 12/14/2000 4:38:34 PM

    Re: RIO 300

    Then let the hardware vendors know about it. Each time I buy something over another because of BeOS compatibility, I let the other vendors know exactly why I did it. The same goes for web pages that only work in IE or Netscape. I let them know about the lost customer do to their oversight.
    If enough people give them the feedback, they may listen more and do something about it.
    Direct emails can have a larger effect than a general posting on a message board :)

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