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Sample Studio open sourced

by @ 1:42 pm on 2/11/2003. Filed under Software

In what ultimately amounts to a mixed fate, Sample Studio by Xentronix has been open sourced, after community members paid a $250 source release fee. This was done because Xentronix no longer has time to continue work on the product, and didn’t want it to just become abandonware.

So, the downside is that Sample Studio, a potentially great audio editing app for BeOS, has seen it’s core developers stop development. The upside is that it is now free software, so it has potential to grow quickly if new developers pick it up.

6 Responses to “Sample Studio open sourced”

  1. aphex says:

    Great to hear! I hope people pick it up! It’s a great app, and it would be nice to see it get picked up and finished!

    I wish it could be a bit faster and optimized when Undoing and Opening files.

  2. Beryllium says:

    What about the Xentronix image editor (Refractions?)? Are they going to opensource that, or continue it commercially?

  3. Konrad says:

    I think they will continue on Refraction.
    Sample studio is a great wave editor, I reallu hope someone adds VST addons, and refresh the Interface.. because its *UGLY*.
    Maybe someone could make a WaveLab skin?…

  4. Jace says:

    Skinning is so very unimportant if the UI is designed well from the beginning. In fact, skinning is really something that’s totally unnecessary, IMO.

    I would like to see the UI redone to be a little more like Sound Forge (a near standard these days) and would like to see the code stablized and completed. I hope my $50 goes somewhere…

  5. Konrad says:

    Jace, they load the images dynamicly in SampleStudio, so you can change the look of them without touching the source, its not skinning ( with a preferences application ) but you can easiliy make your own skins ( change the look ).

  6. Greg says:

    I’m wondering if anyone is willing to take on the roll of maintainer for this project. It’s great that the source has been released, but if no one takes on the project, it’ll just fade away.

    Based on my first impressions, it would be great to see SampleStudio continue on.

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