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OpenBeOS Newsletter Online

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Posted by:Deej on Thursday, 06 Feb, 2003 @ 12:47 AM
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And on time. (available here) The new editor, Kevin Field, gives a nice, down to earth, “Hello” and talks about how to donate time in little chuncks. Jacques Lema gives a sermon about communities - Amen (and what about that part about no company making money from support - there went my business plans :P ). Michael talks about - let me put it in Star Wars terms - “Nice shootin’ kid. Don’t get cocky.” Aside that, he also preaches, the telemarketer ramble of Suicidal Tendencies (the heavy rock band) - “Send me your money.” But at least this faith can be tangible. :P

It’s not a technical newsletter this time, and hey, it’s without me… :P But it is uplifting, and it is a call for help. When I announced my intentions to leave the OpenBeOS staff, I was amazed at how many people came out of the wood-work to volunteer. More of that is needed. Ideas are needed. We are getting the spotlights and stage lined up, but we still have to rehearse for the real show. Go volunteer, and if you can’t - go pay your tithings. :D

One Response to “OpenBeOS Newsletter Online”

  1. Super Dave Osbourne Says:

    I have been using, developing and programming for BeOS since early 1996. I have followed the ups, downs and recent (relatively speaking) developments with BeOS and OBOS resulting. OBOS is a neat, rather interesting project, the likes of which are unique and familiar via Minux and the resulting Linux community coming to mind first. The temptations to grow, for the sake of doing so, to be determined and measured by the media, is tempting and enticing. OBOS should responsibly refrain from the media determining when and how the timing is right, the MARKET should determine the success. Ignorant about the media being the markets is dangerous to the longevity of the OBOS project. What does it serve to hire bodies, for the sake of being ‘official’ and taken seriously, when in fact the media has already taken OBOS seriously without all the ‘official’ attibutes, but that of good hard working focused and at times argumentative folks. THey want to generate revenue, for themselves, and that is all they care about. Don’t be fooled, the Media is your friend, yet it is at a cost, and that cost could be the life of the project. Their short term goals, do not meet that of OBOS’s long term visions.

    Lets hope Michael is more of a leader and less of a temptress.

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