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OpenBeOS in the Wall Street Journal

by @ 9:45 pm on 2/5/2003. Filed under Submitted News

Michael Phipps of OpenBeOS was interviewed today in the Wall Street Journal Online. What is cool about this is not only the amazing marketing potential of the WSJ, but also that Eric Raymond, world reknown for his leadership role in the Open Source movements, comments on BeOS, stating that it’s architecture is alluring. Eyes from high places are watching OpenBeOS, that is for sure.

Registration is required for access to the article, and it would be copyright infringement to link to it directly or repost it here, so you can either go to OSNews where it was first posted, and you might find a link in their comments, hit BeShare and see if anyone has it, or register for WSJ Online.

2 Responses to “OpenBeOS in the Wall Street Journal”

  1. aphex says:

    Niifty 😀

  2. Super Dave Osbourne says:

    How many couples would let the media in on an ultrasound? Lets wait until she is born, not gestating, to show the world.

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