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BeGroovy 3.0 Arrives

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Posted by:Ryan on Tuesday, 21 Jan, 2003 @ 11:59 PM
Site News

Well, after a long period of decay, it was time to rejuvinate BeGroovy yet again. Thus, I present BeGroovy 3.0. The last redesign took place back in November 2000, after 1.0 was lost in a server crash. All contents since then have been imported into our new cms (movable type), and things should progress smoothly.

What you are currently seeing is simply phase 1 of a larger plan involving BeGroovy, and Dreamcatcher Industrial, our newly named development group. ‘Course, it’s really still just Deej, AllNew, Myself and a few new guys.

In the next week or two we will be merging the BeGroovy forums into the forums at synapse lounge. This means all the posts, post counts, users, etc will transfer intact. nothing will be lost. this will entail some downtime, but will be worth it.

Until then, enjoy the new BeGroovy. Hopefully this new site design will serve as a good foundation for reporting on all the new BeOS contenders out there - all of which are getting to the point of being very promising. We plan on tracking all of them to see which (if any) emerges victorious.

12 Responses to “BeGroovy 3.0 Arrives”

  1. Sonicpling Says:

    Looking Good!
    Hope everything goes smoothly.

  2. BePage Says:

    Looks Nice, and loads fast on my dial-up connction! Great work, but still missing the icons on the news postings.


  3. Ryan Says:

    Wasn’t sure about keeping the icons. They would be very easy to do, but I kind of like the log feel it currently has.

    What does everyone else think? Should i reformat the news to include icons and such, or keep it in a less structured flowing log format?

  4. skiBUM Says:

    Yeah out the icons back, they looked nice. It doesnt feel like Begroovy without em

  5. BePage Says:

    It would be cool to have see a “recent forums” here.
    Recent entries is quite useless I think.


  6. Ryan Says:

    Ok. So I started playing with icons again a bit. Not sure I really like them on the page, but will see if i can find a happy medium.

    I do like the idea of “recent forums” - that should be very do-able, but will have to wait until the forums merge.

  7. Altp Says:

    Why are there 2 comments between lines … its hard to distinguish between them. Either that, or i’m too tired to pick out where one comment stops and the other starts as quickly as i owuld like to.

    I don’t think you need icons on the main news page, at least not the ultra colorful ones. Perhaps mono-chrome outlines at the start of each paragraph … kinda like those really big letters at the beginning of chapters in books (only, not).

  8. Ryan Says:

    I suspect that is a gecko rendering error, because i get the same bug in phoenix, but not in safari or ie (mac or win).

    Clearly Net+ won’t display the lines either way (being non-css and all)

    I can’t decide what to do about the icons. I may shrink them down really small, and use them that way. They didn’t look bad, and really did spice things up. But the positioning is problematic. I will keep tweaking another day.

  9. altp Says:


    but … it works there from Gecko based browsers. Tried several of the comment threads.

  10. BePage Says:

    Icons look nice so, like them.


  11. Dreamcatcher Industrial Says:

    BeGroovy.com relaunches
    The website that started this whole crazy gang of people, BeGroovy, has recently relaunched under the DCI banner. You can

  12. Beryllium Says:


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