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XMAME, StarWars, and fake postings

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Posted by:Deej on Thursday, 16 Jan, 2003 @ 9:55 PM
Bits N

BeEmulated has a posting and a link up about a new version of XMAME that’s out. It’s an older posting, but thought you all’d like to know about it. I know there’s nothing better than playing PacMan on BeOS, well, except maybe MsPacMan! :P

Also, in the “not-related-to-BeOS-at-all” news. The Star Wars Insider newsletter announced that the confirmed release date of Star Wars Galaxies will be April 15th of this year. Way Cool! Wish I’d have enough time to play it often, but alas, I most likely won’t. :(

And finally, the post about Nigeria money, it was a BeDope-esque post. It was a JOKE! Read the original posting in the “Read More” link. I thought it was in good humor, and had enough elements that it would never be able to be taken seriously, and then I included the “Read More” link that would help even more to that end. But I’ve gotten several email’s about it from people that were trying to warn beunited about it! Thank you so kindly for the concern to try to stop a bad thing from happening, but…


Hope that clears things up. Sit back, relax, and Enjoy! :) -Deej

3 Responses to “XMAME, StarWars, and fake postings”

  1. Big Al Says:

    I thought it was funny

    For what it’s worth, Deej, I got a big laugh out of it. And it was certainly in the same vein as any of the BeDope classics!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Big Al @ 01/17/2003 08:56:51 AM

    Me Too

    I laughed. Granted, I’m such a sucker for optimism where BeOS is concerned that there was still a tiny bit of me that got excited at the idea of monetary support to OBOS.

    I got that spam myself a few times. When I got it, my first thought was… hey, this one IS actually completely illegal!

    Spam. Always a waste of time, sometimes almost amusing.

    Who still can’t get a working profile at BeGroovy

  3. Utako Says:


    Funny stuff, and much appreciated. Viva BeComedy.

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