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Save GOBE!

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Posted by:Ryan on Monday, 09 Dec, 2002 @ 10:17 PM
Gobe Software

Right. So by now you’ve all heard the news about Gobe not opensourcing productive due to horrible business issues which are somewhat annoying. Well, it seems that BeUnited is stepping up to the plate and doing what most said can’t be done: starting a donation fund. So if you have a few dollars (or a few hundred thousand) why not head over there and work with them and gobe to open source the best office suite ever. Maybe YellowTab could cough up some licensing cash. Or maybe BeUnited could strike a deal to get the code escrowed until they sell x number of copies. Who knows… but help them if you can. Its worth it.

15 Responses to “Save GOBE!”

  1. sikosis Says:


    You’d think they’d do the right thing, open source it and get some cash for doing it … considering Gobe have nothing to show for their product at the moment, besides a Windows app that no Windows users would use.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To sikosis @ 12/09/2002 11:44:58 PM

    Re: Sheesh

    There is nor right or wrong for investors/creditors. There is only money.


  3. Anonymous Says:

    Donation Pledge Reaches $10,000.00

    Donation Pledge Reaches $10,000.00
    beunited.org - Tuesday December 10 2002 - 11:30

    In just 3 days beunited.org has been pledged over $10,000.00 by the public and corporate community for the release of Gobe Productive for BeOS. Linux users have also pledged, and we encourage more members of the Linux community to participate for the release of the Linux version. Call all your friends and send them over to beunited.org to help raise awareness!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 12/10/2002 01:11:32 AM

    Re: Sheesh

    Sad but true

  5. altp Says:

    Is it worth it?

    Yes, it is a great office suite.

    But with projects that are already there and well maintained is it really worth the cost? OpenOffice is a great tool. Abiword is lightweight and very fast/stable. Gnumeric is also very good.

    Or, a new project could be started … OpenGoBE could ship with OpenBeOS as the default office suite.

    I’d be willing to donate money to the project if it was a resonable cost. The code has little value left to GoBE, the price of “few hundred thousand” is insane. Linux users have a lot of free (beeer/speech) options already. Windows users have the same options plus MS Office.

    Asking so much will only the software to die.

    If you are going to collect that much money, use it to get current packages ported over and advanced. Especially OpenOffice.Org. Yes, it is bloated and slow … but it has more current potential than GoBE Productive does.


  6. Anonymous Says:

    Expanding the pledge outside of the BeOS community

    There is a discussion on the ARS Technica website about the fund drive, with comments from people outside of the BeOS community. Here is the link:


    Head over and tell them why they should contribute to open-sourcing GP!


  7. Anonymous Says:

    Investors and money

    Understand a few things…

    First off, the investors have poured tons of time and money into this. Asking to recoup their investment is not a bad thing. Look at it another way - if you want investments in alternative operating systems, you can’t have everyone and their brother losing money.

    Secondly, the principals of a company can be *PERSONALLY LIABLE* if they were to open source the code, denying the investors an attempt to recoup their investment. Would you be willing to risk losing your house, car, income from the future to open source Gobe?

    Thirdly, this is not a whole lot of money. Many, many hands make light work. Think about it - would you have bought 3.0 for $50? Pledge it. 4000 pledges of $50 would do it.

    The Be community is always asking a lot of people. Build this, fix that. The OBOS folks are constantly ripped new orifices because they aren’t doing something right. But they are, at least, doing something. Now here is your turn. Not everybody can write OS level code. Not everyone can even build a web page. But I would bet that you can cough up some cash. Lots of stores are looking for Christmas help. At minimum wage, you are looking at 10-12 hours.

    For the really poor folks who truly can’t afford to give anything at all, well, God Bless you this Christmas.

  8. plat Says:

    In Response To altp @ 12/11/2002 12:47:43 AM

    Re: Is it worth it?

    “OpenOffice is a great tool. Abiword is
    lightweight and very fast/stable. Gnumeric is also very good.”

    Having used all the products you mentioned above I have to agree that there are merits to each of them, in fact I still use Abiword for some things. However, as an overall office solution, GobeProductive has the best usability of ANY office solution, with its great interface. There’s no argument that there are features that need implementation, and in the Windows version there are still some stability issues, but it is still more usable than the alternatives IMHO. My wife is an experienced office administrator and Gobe is her favourite office suite. We purchased Gobe for Windows almost the minute we found out about it, and eagerly look forward to the release of a Linux version, as well as, hopefully, an updated version for BeOS/OBOS.

    We are not rich, and both of us are outspoken in our support of open-source software, but we do not see it as a panacea and we do not begrudge anyone from making an honest return for hard work. I have to agree with the anonymous post regarding investors & money on this one.

    All the best.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Let them die!

    Gobe abandoned BeOS and went to Windows to be application nr. 4.335.882 for the same thing, well done.
    Of course no Windows user could care less and nobody is buying it. The spreatsheet part can’t even compete with the DOS version of Lotus123 from 20 years ago.Please die.


  10. filo Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 12/14/2002 06:43:56 AM

    unlike you, i will sign off on my flamebait!

    go fuck yourself you immature child. even as they were building the Windows version of BeOS, they were still selling the BeOS version, along with BeOS, and providing tech support for both. It’s not Gobe’s fault that Be, Inc. abandoned the BeOS and then went belly up. If Be Inc. were still around, actually supporting BeOS, then we would probably be reading stories about Gobe Productive 4.0 getting ready to ship with all sorts of new whiz-bang features. As it is, they basically had their revenue source yanked out from under them. They made the only logical move and decided to get their application working on some other OS’s where they might stand a chance, namely windows and linux, not that they stood much of a chance on windows but it was a better risk than depending on all 200 of us BeOS users helping them to turn a profit, and the linux market is wide open… They have families to feed and bills to pay, y’know, just like everyone else. At least they are trying to GPL the code and give something to the BeOS community (apparently it will still compile more or less cleanly under BeOS, too). Yes, it sucks that we have to ransom the code, but these kinds of business matters are far too complicated for your sniveling, putrified, pea-brained, puerile mind to comprehend.

    and next time, log in, ass-troll.

    personally, i think they should have pushed the linux version out sooner, as well as a MacOSX port. competing with Office on windows was slightly less suicidal that staying with BeOS, but they might have actually made it work if they had gone after other AltOS markets.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    So we should save them why?

    So we should save a company that stopped development, for BeOS for Windows and then Linux?


  12. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To filo @ 12/14/2002 3:48:04 PM

    Re: unlike you, i will sign off on my flamebait!

    Well I would have to say you are more immature then the last guy. But, what do you expect them to do, the made the Software for BeOS and now because they are not going to make a new version they should just stop selling it? They don’t sell it because they still love BeOS (or they would have developed a new version with the Windows one) they are selling it to MAKE MONEY and tech support, I am sure they are good with Productive, but have you ever called tech support for BeOS?

  13. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 12/16/2002 1:07:49 PM

    Re: So we should save them why?

    We arent saving a company. We are saving the software. Regardless of your opinion of the companies business decisions, the software was/is good. And there is a chance to free it so that it can live on. So stop whining about what a dead company did. They died (possibly because of it, possibly not). But their (good) software doesnt have to.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 12/16/2002 1:11:35 PM

    Re: unlike you, i will sign off on my flamebait!

    yes, i have called, actually. i was having trouble installing BeOS R5 on my comp when i finally bought the pro edition. they were very helpful (was a problem with DMA settings on my CD drive) even though I did not have any registration info on me when I called them. Helping out a guy when he can’t even proove that he legally obtained your product? Now _that_ is tech support.

    Gobe tech support is free, so they don’t make any money on it. Probably would have been cheaper for them to stop selling BeOS and Gobe 2.0 entirely and make a clean break of it. Not having an MBA in finance though, I can only speculate. think this is unlikely? Adamation stopped selling personalStudio 1.5 for BeOS when they released 2.0 for windows. Why? they didn’t want to have to offer tech support for BeOS users, so it is a pretty big deal that Gobe continued to offer Productive 2.0.1 and BeOS R5.0.3 for sale. And of course, we’re ignoring the fact that some floks from Gobe are trying to find a way to open the code under the GPL.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 12/16/2002 1:07:49 PM

    Re: So we should save them why?

    Nutcase has a good point.

    WTF are you talking about, saving the company? Gobe Productive is a great piece of software. Would be nice to see it live on. Jesus, grow up and read from the first capital to the last period next time.

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