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New BeOS Audio Driver needs testers

by @ 3:33 pm on 8/19/2002. Filed under Hardware

Ok.. so this post at osnews is by a guy working on a driver for BeOS Audio. It supports several chipsets that cover cards such as:

Best Union Miss Melody 4DWave PCI
Warpspeed ONSpeed 4DWave PCI
AzTech PCI 64-Q3D
CHIC True Sound 4Dwave
Shark Predator4D-PCI
Jaton SonicWave 4D.
Hoontech’s Digital-NX
Aztech’s PCI 288-Q3D II
Addonics’ SoundVision 750 and SoundVision 1700.

If you can help the guy out and test his driver, head over there and get in touch with him!

Update: To clarify, here are the actual chipsets the driver is for:

vendor:1039 (Silicon Integrated Systems (SiS))
card_id:7018 (SiS7018 PCI Audio Accelerator – part of sis630 chipset)

vendor:10b9 (Acer Labs Incorporated (ALi))
card_id:5451 (PCI AC-Link Controller Audio Device)

vendor:1023 (Trident Microsystems)
card_id:2001 (4DWave(NX) PCI Audio)

vendor:1023 (Trident Microsystems)
card_id:2000 (4DWave(DX) PCI Audio)

Note: you could have gotten this from clicking the link, but some people seem to think omitting it here is erroneous, so it’s now added. ;P Anyway, Enjoy!

3 Responses to “New BeOS Audio Driver needs testers”

  1. haseeb says:

    nothings comments

  2. naser says:

    i hope it will work

  3. franze says:

    eu perciso

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