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BeOS Icons for OS X and OpenBeOS

by @ 9:56 am on 8/19/2002. Filed under Art / Image

Last week I heard from a BeOS fan, Matthew McClintock. He has created some BeOS Icons for OS X. This is great for everyone using OS X who misses Be, but doesn’t help Be itself. However, after I pointed out that OpenBeOS needs icons, Matt was surprised and agreed whole heartedly to helping out. He has said:

But of course! I had no idea that the larger icons could be re-worked
for one of the BeOS spinoffs (I’ve occasionally run into news on
OpenBeOS, but haven’t followed it closely).

I’d be delighted to be able to contribute to the project – I’d prefer
to begin by doing the actual work, but if for whatever reason I can’t
cut the mustard I’ll provide my Illustrator files to whoever *can* cut

In other words, OpenBeOS has a volunteer icon designer, if they want it. And they can have them all in vector format… which means that for R1 they OBOS can render them down to 32×32 pixel, and in the future can go vector with larger icons, as discussed in this forum thread. All in all, not a bad deal. I hope someone from OBOS reads this and decides to email Matt and get him involved. (Not including his email here for anti-spam reasons. Go to his site as linked above and contact him.) 🙂

As an aside, DAMN those icons are pretty. I really hope OBOS embraces them and puts them in in all their scalable vector glory. 🙂

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