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Gobe Productive to go GPL – BeOS based

by @ 8:27 am on 8/12/2002. Filed under Gobe Software

Gobe Productive, the famous BeOS (and now Windows/Linux) office suite, is no more. It has been bought by Free Radicals LLC. The good news is that their business plan requires that the entire package be GPL’ed. The even better news is that IIRC, Productive 3 for windows and linux was actually coded to mostly BeAPI and compiled with wrappers to the various platforms. Which means prodctive 3 on BeOS is a VERY real possibility. Read all about it at osnews.

I want to thank Tom and Bruce and all the other great people from Gobe who have worked with us over the years (even after the shift to windows.) It’s a shame to see Gobe, well, go. But it’s great to see such a great product live on.

3 Responses to “Gobe Productive to go GPL – BeOS based”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Good Riddance

    Gobe Productive for BeOS was a very good little package. I’m not disputing that, I enjoyed using it. But as I transitioned from BeOS to OSX, I called and wrote and asked for support – just a little support, even if it was “sorry, can’t help you.” I heard nothing, and the voice mail box was always full. This was a year ago, when Gobe was still trying to launch its windows product.

    Folks, half of writing software is support. If you can’t get your support at least somewhat there, you deserve to fail as Gobe did.

    My problem was that the files I had so carefully exported into word97 format on my BeOS machine (before recycling its disk into my mac) were not readable to the translators on Appleworks. From where I was sitting, it looked as though dozens, perhaps hundreds of files were lost. Angry? I was furious.

    It turned out that the problem was the files were readable by word, but other apps that could also read word files (like appleworks) couldn’t read them – although why I never was exactly sure. So I ultimately DID find a way to convert the files so AppleWorks would read them, but it was a roundabout process involving a classic app that could read any word file (unlike the file translators) and then save them as RTF, and THEN converting them).

    It’s been almost a year. I got my files back. Yet I’m still somewhat annoyed (as opposed to furious, as I was a year ago) that Gobe couldn’t be bothered to do *anything* even tell me to go away.

    Reap what you sewed, Gobe.

  2. filo says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 09/24/2002 11:24:17 PM

    fsck off, jerkass!

    First off, why did you think that Gobe should help you with you AppleWorks problem? Why? Please tell me. You know what? They shouldn’t. Their product is (was) Gobe Productive. If you have a problem with Gobe Productive, then I bet they would help you. If you have a problem with AppleWorks, then you should call Apple. That’s a pretty simple assumption. Somehow, I don’t think M$ would be very forthcoming if you called them and said “Help! I can’t get AppleWorks to read the files I saved using M$ Word!” They’d hang up after laughing at you, in addition to charging you for tech support.

    Putting all that aside for a moment, should they have said, “Sorry, can’t help you.” Maybe. I imagine that they were pretty busy trying to port their product to windows and linux and were only dealing with tech support calls that really concerned them. I don’t think that you are telling us the whole truth, though. I find it hard to believe that when you CALLED them the person who answered didn’t say, “Sorry, can’t help you,” after you explained your problem. My own experience with Gobe tech-support, the one time I called, was quite good. They helped me out even though I hadn’t even registered the product yet (now THAT is customer service).

    Also, you’re an idiot and should have known better than to save your files to Word format using a reverse-engineered, only somewhat working translator. Anyone with half a brain would have know to save the files to .rtf or html. I’m not surprised at all that AppleWorks couldn’t open those “Word” files. I wouldn’t be surprised if StarOffice or WordPerfect wouldn’t, either. Nor would I be surprised if AppleWorks couldn’t read “Word” files saved by either of those programs. Why? Because all of them are using reverse-engineered hacks to read and write .doc files because microsoft keeps the format locked up tighter than a Camp X-Ray detainee.

    In conclusion, stop your bitching. Gobe was one fo the few companies to really stick it out with Be to the bitter end. With them, it became possible to actually do work with BeOS, and not just play 30 mp3’s backwards simultaneously while watching a movie on a side of a cube. And now that they are going to GPL Productive they have created a great boon for the BeOS community, by guaranteeing the continued development of an excellent office suite for BeOS and all the various BeOS replacement products. And next time, log in and be held accountable for your comments, and I won’t flame you so much. 😉

  3. Anonymous says:

    In Response To filo @ 10/12/2002 2:21:22 PM

    Re: fsck off, jerkass!

    That’s a bit harsh, but any user out there who want’s to write or edit word files .. buy word. I bought Gobe because it’s a nice and easy way to create documents. Microsoft products in general have me banging my head off the monitor after short periods of time, but they are nonetheless a ‘standard’. I find that everytime i need to write a CV or submit and application I have to revert to word. While RTF is for the most part a satisfactory interchange format it can present unpredictable behavious on different versions of Word.

    What I would love to see though is Gobe supporting the staroffice open format.

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