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Black and White port fund announced

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Posted by:Ryan on Wednesday, 06 Dec, 2000 @ 5:18 PM

Ok. So the announcement of Black & White’s port being in question seemed to upset quite a few people. It upset me as well. People started talking of ways to save it, and I offered to help. Soon a completely insane, and very unlikely plan was formed. Read on..UPDATE: Had to upgrade account types to handle the flood (no joke) at paypal, so now they take a small fee of 30cents + 2.2% from incoming payments. This can not be refunded, because i can’t afford to cover the cost. People who have contributed before this change have been marked, and will not have to worry about this.

For those who don’t know, Black and White is the next big god-type game from Peter Molyneux, creater of Populous, Theme Park, Dungeon Keeper, and more. It is one of the most anticipated games in the gaming world, and is being developed by Lionhead, Peter’s new company. This game would be huge to have on BeOS.

The plan is simple. Collect enough money to purchase the licensing rights to port Black & White. Then provide that money to a group of people that can effectively port the game. If such a group cannot be found (and the search has yet to even begin) then create one.

The money is going to be collected in US Dollars via paypal to bwfund@begroovy.com, which besides being a paypal account, is also an email address you can contact with questions.

If it looks like there is a chance of the fund nearing its goals, I will take personal responsibility for finding a group to port the game that all parties can agree on.

This is a completely grass roots effort, and is most likely NOT going to be successful. If thats the case, all contributions will be paypal’ed back to the person who contributed them. Once enough money is raised, and the port is begun, the money is GONE. Once it is spent, it will not and can not be returned.

If the port is completed and starts making money above and beyond the costs, we will attempt to find a way for investments to be paid back. But that is a secondary priority. So don’t count on it.

The total fund will need to be thousands and thousands of dollars, so if you want black and white on beos, please contribute generously. The average contribution so far is around 100 dollars. We would need around 500-1000 contributors at that rate. Please contribute more if you can. Contributions will be kept anonymous at all times, so if you are a company that would like to help, PLEASE do.

Anyone who contributes $100+ will recieve a copy of the finished port if it happens. Anyone who contributes $1000+ will be added to the private beta testers list, subject to NDA approval and the terms of the porting agreement.

Everyone who contributes will become a part of community history.

As the fund grows, i will post updates here.

Again, there are no guarantees this will work, but it WON’T work if we don’t try. So if you are interested, and would like black and white, please contribute.

Thanks. Keep your fingers crossed.

83 Responses to “Black and White port fund announced”

  1. georges Says:

    [No Subject]

    Being a student I have no money…
    Sorry. But GOOD LUCK! I’ll buy it when it’s done:)

  2. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To georges @ 12/06/2000 5:20:55 PM

    Re: [No Subject]

    Ok.. i dont want to pressure people, because that is not what this is about. But if you are gonna buy it when its done, could i suggest trying to buy it now instead? contribute. Because if people wait to buy it when its done, it probably never will be.

    Thanks for the sentiments though! :)

  3. moooooooo Says:

    US Dollars ???

    you might want to confirm whether or not you talking USD otherwise us Aussies will be sending $AUD100 which is only worth about $US54 right now!!!!

  4. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To moooooooo @ 12/06/2000 5:35:04 PM

    Re: US Dollars ???

    US Dollars is correct. I have added that into the article. Thanks for the heads up.

  5. sadistic_mystic Says:

    Who is willing to pledge!?

    I will send 100 dollars, but who will keep track of how much money they actually already have?
    Because well, if someone already sent in 900 dollars, and all we had left was 100 dollars… people not realizing how close we were might give up. Nutcase, can you guarantee me a consistant weekly status report?

    Also, post this to BeNews immediately. We need their help too. BOSC and everyone else.

    If this is done right it CAN work.

    Why don’t we see who is willing to pay?

    reply to this with an amount

    I have pledged $100

  6. Joe Says:

    [No Subject]

    A couple of questions

    1) Why is there a licensing fee at all? Unless the people at Lionhead are complete idiots they must know that the BeOS market is small at present. They would be better off to simply take a higher royalty on sales. You should investigate this and let the BeoS community know what you find out.

    2) Since you are basically asking the BeOS community to fund a port - who has been approached to do the port and what will it cost?

    3) Where did the $100.00 and $1000.00 numbers come from.

    I’m prepared to support what oyu propose but I would sure like to see a plan first!!!!

  7. Amigori Says:

    How much?

    How much is the licensing fee? I guessed USD$50,000 - USD$100,000 from reading the article. That’s quite a bit of money.

  8. Robert Hagenström Says:

    Sounds like a lame excuse to not port Black & White…

    Lionhead Studios will make TONS of money off Black & White, so the “not enough money to port it” is just LAME, LAME, LAME!

    I believed Peter Molyneux when he said he was impressed with BeOS and that he had faith in it, and that he “definetly” would port his games to the system, but this news sounds like he’s trying to avoid this.

    Now, didn’t he leave Bullfrog becuase they were bought by Electronic Arts who only wants games which are sure to make money? Didn’t he want his creative freedom? And now he’s not gonna use it?

    I know it won’t make much difference, but if Black & White doesn’t see a BeOS release, I won’t buy it, nor any other future Lionhead game ever.

    Come on, Mr. Molyneux! Black & White could be the flagship if the new OpenGL in BeOS. Sure it’s risky, but BeOS is free and if people with old computers (or hardcore gamers) can get a few fps more out of a BeOS version, I’m sure they will buy it instead!

  9. MrEntropy Says:

    In Response To Robert Hagenström @ 12/06/2000 6:58:23 PM

    Re: Sounds like a lame excuse to not port Black & White…

    I’m not sure if I can pledge anything at the momement (Christmas not being the best time for this) but I will say that if Molyneux and Company decide to do the port themselves and it takes longer, I’m willing to wait and NOT buy the Windows version. I’ve enjoyed Bullfrog’s games on the Atari ST, and I hope to do so again in BeOS.

    On a side note, I emailed Maxis and told them that I will not be buying the Civilization: Call to Power 2 unless it comes on BeOS, because I enjoyed that version so much more.

  10. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To sadistic_mystic @ 12/06/2000 6:31:37 PM

    Re: Who is willing to pledge!?

    I will keep updating this story with the amount. If any milestones or news are created, i will run a new news story.

    As of now we have raised 225 dollars.

    Neither came from the email account you specified. So if you are pledging 100$, could you paypal it over? Until it arrives, it doesnt count. :-/

    and i already submitted the story to benews.

  11. Scar Says:

    In Response To Robert Hagenström @ 12/06/2000 6:58:23 PM

    Re: Sounds like a lame excuse to not port Black & White…

    Lionhead are not doing the port. They stated from the start that it would need to be done externally. That is why this fund was established. To find a porting crew to do it.

    Peter Molyneuxs’ creative freedom has been used to create a game that will redefine computer gaming. Believe it. Everyone who has had the privilege of seeing it has come away shocked and stunned.

    It is my understanding that most ports oare done outside Lionheads walls. Thats the facts. All we can do now is get the pesos together to at least help a porting crew pay for the code.

  12. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To Joe @ 12/06/2000 6:37:38 PM

    Re: [No Subject]

    There is a licensing fee because of the way the system works, according to an article posted on about.com’s beos section a while back. Its no longer there (i looked.. the link is dead - if you find it post a link) but it basically said you predict sales, and pay half the royalties for the predicted sales up front. It makes it worthwhile to the company, and makes sure you only port things that will be successful. so the licensing fee = half the predicted royalties. Or something. I am not a game dude… couldnt tell ya the absolute facts.

    As far as approaching someone to port it, I havent. This is a purely grassroots effort. It may happen that the funds are raised, but no successful candidates for porting it are found. Like i said in the announcement, this is a longshot.

    That said, what developer would turn down a way to add B&W to their list of available games with zero risk financially?

    I made the 100 and 1000 numbers up, because they are multiple of 10s. I made up 1000 to start, in a previous comment…half jokingly, in the hopes that 100 rich fools would pony up. :P Then people started contributing 100, so i thought that might be more reasonable, and make the concept less alien to the non-millionaires around.

    The 1000 for beta was picked as an incentive for such a generous donation, and because it will keep the beta small (probably)

    Hope this helps. The plan is basically to offer to fund the port of B&W, and hope that an appropriate developer bites. If we actually get close to the level of funding needed, i will start pursuing that. Right now, i just want to show that its a viable concept and build momentum. The first people to contribute will be the ones to get the ball rolling. The rest will be the ones to make sure we get there.

    Please, let me know if you have any more questions.

  13. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To Amigori @ 12/06/2000 6:38:11 PM

    Re: How much?

    Considering its a triple-a game, that isnt even out yet, the licensing fee will probably be high.

    That said, as the fund grows, i will not only pursue companies to do the port, but also pursue lionhead for the most reasonable licensing fee available. Maybe having a die hard base of supporters that are willing to raise major funds like that will help make them offer a reasonable fee.

    Right now i am guesstimating as high as i can. Any funds above and beyond the needed, will be distributed back to contributors. Probably proportionally to the amount contributed.

  14. Nimdok Says:

    very interesting

    I’m certainly interested in getting a copy of B&W, but not for $100! Hopefully as things progress you can keep us updated, and those of us with tighter wallets can get in on a $50 preorder.

    Anyway, this is really cool, I hope you can find a developer soon so details can be grinded out.

  15. jairhart Says:

    some ideas

    If I send in $200, will I get 1 or 2 copies of B&W (maybe as gifts to “BeOS unbelievers”).

    Could you put the current fund amount on the left side of the BeGroovy site?

    Will you accept IOUs? (IOU = I owe you) I’ll still send some money, when I get paypal working, but I feel that other people might not want to send money to a guy called “Nutcase” if that money will probably be sent back in a few months. And IOUs can be a problem, so just list the real amount, and the total amount (including IOUs). If it looks like the port will continue, have people send in money on their IOUs.

    I’m setting up Paypal now, but I intend to send in at least $100.

    Any word on a B&W port for CosmOS? :)

  16. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To Nimdok @ 12/06/2000 8:22:36 PM

    Re: very interesting

    This is not really a pre-order setup. There is no guarantee. This is more for those of us who are completely obsessed with getting this ported. Or have more money than sense.

    I am not even trying to hide the absurdity of this concept. But its so nuts, that it has a chance of working if people get behind it.

    Of course, who’s to say that a ported version would sell for only $50 anyway?

    I dont plan on even looking for a developer until we get closer to a reasonable level of funds. This is a big experiment basically. Hopefully it will work. :)

  17. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To jairhart @ 12/06/2000 8:25:32 PM

    Re: some ideas

    If you send 200, i believe you would get 1 copy of B&W. But that’s not guaranteed… you may get 2. I say 1 because this is NOT a pre sales type of environment. It is a contribution to it.

    That said, a developer may decide to simply accept every 100 as a preorder (it would be the nice thing to do) and thus you would get two copies.

    I have promised one, because i wouldnt give the money to a developer who wouldn’t honor that. Everything else is pretty much in the air.

    On the other hand, sending $200 puts us $100 closer to you getting a copy at all. :)

    As far as the current fund amount, i can and will do that as the fund gets higher. Currently it is $325. Not bad for such a short time, but no where NEAR enough.

    I won’t accept IOUs. I am having enough trouble worrying about actual contributions, and don’t want to handle IOU’s. My name is obviously not really Nutcase. My name is Ryan Abrams. I like to think i have proven trustworthy enough to handle this. I am not going anywhere. But it is a trust issue. I recognize that, and thats a decision for you to make.

    If you want to make other arrangements, email me. I want to stay flexible on this. But i dont want to handle IOUs. I accepted them for the Rio driver, and collecting on them is not very easy, nor fun. (the rio driver is very very close btw)

    As far as a CosmOS port, you are in the wrong section of the site! :P

  18. ESPER Says:

    In Response To sadistic_mystic @ 12/06/2000 6:31:37 PM

    Re: Who is willing to pledge!?

    I have pledged 125.00. I have spent an insane amount of money on BeOS because I believe in this platform. I think that I have registered almost every BeOS application that is shareware or commercial. It’s hard getting burned (on T-Racks for example), after paying over 250.00 and not getting a new version. I am not asking you to give out any money if you cannot. However, if you want B&W, have money, why not give it a shot?

    I am also developing software that is to come out soon for BeOS exclusively.

    The software program I am developing, called Gear, is a programming environment for BeOS akin to Visual Basic. I believe BeOS lacks in applications and I did not want to do another screen saver. This application will be free.

    Gear will be in alpha before the end of the year. I hope people will try it and like it. I hope it could bring new developers to the platform.

    Have a nice day,


  19. Torsion Says:

    In Response To Nutcase @ 12/06/2000 8:36:28 PM

    Re: some ideas

    I *seriously* think that you should do a “pledge” fund rather than a “actually send in money now” fund.

    There are plenty of people that are not going to lend you $100 for 6 months that would definitely buy B&W should it be released for BeOS. I’m one of them ;-)

    You’ll get more money in pledges than actuall donations… I’m betting it’ll be a 10X improvement.


  20. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To Torsion @ 12/06/2000 11:24:47 PM

    Re: some ideas

    Right.. but you can’t pay for code in pledges. And saying “I have xxx in pledges” is different then “I have xxx right here, ready to go”

  21. Steve Says:

    In Response To Nutcase @ 12/06/2000 5:22:22 PM

    Re: [No Subject]

    I don’t see giving a kind word as not contributing. You are almost contradicting your last article on the “comments”. Here’s a quote:

    “The people who are saying “Shut up and buy it!”, though usually in a nicer way than that, are asking for people to buy something simply to support the community. This is more charity than it is a market. Then the people who believe they should only buy what they truly want, and not just to support a developer find it annoying.”

    So if I give 50 bucks, “for charity” and then spend another 40 bucks on the game… I just paid 90 smackers for a game, just because it’s on BeOS. Sure, I could get a free copy for… $100. Let’s support the developers in more ways than just money. A lot of the BeOS community is based on charity already, and they do it because they like to and they like BeOS.

    I don’t mind spending 50 bucks on a game. But 90-100 is a bit much.

  22. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To Steve @ 12/06/2000 11:31:51 PM

    Re: [No Subject]

    I understand what you are saying. I thought of that before i posted this whole story.

    I am NOT saying shut up and buy it. I am saying, if you want to see it ported, contribute money. The amount 100 was picked as a guarantee of a copy of the game, simply because i dont know the finances. It may turn out that whoever develops it gives all contributors a copy. or maybe they decide 60 is fair. I have no idea.

    I was not trying to say that his kind words werent appreciated. I thanked him for them specifically.

    I was trying to make the point that if people say they are going to wait until it is released to buy it, it will probably not ever be released. If you arent willing to pay more for the game on BeOS, DONT. But it seems like its the only way to get it here. Its just a matter of what you want. Like i said in the reply to georges, ” i dont want to pressure people, because that is not what this is about.”

    So decide whether you want it enough to pay more now in the hopes that the support will get the game ported. Apparently you have decided it is too much. Thats fine. Hopefully a bunch of other people will decide that they are willing to pay that much if it will help get black and white on beos.

    Its not my decision. I am just trying to provide the opportunity to attempt to save a game port. If you dont find it worth the extra money, that is completely ok.

  23. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To Nutcase @ 12/06/2000 11:31:06 PM

    Re: some ideas

    that said, pledges are a good idea. :P

    if people cant pay now, but can HONESTLY pledge money, email bwfund@begroovy.com with the amount you can pledge.

    Not sure what i will do with the info though, but it could be interesting.

  24. Brian Says:

    In Response To Nutcase @ 12/06/2000 7:19:58 PM

    Some Advice Nutcase

    Find out what a port is going to cost before you start taking to many pledges - otherwise that port is going to cost exctly what you have in the bank.

  25. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To Brian @ 12/07/2000 01:26:56 AM

    Re: Some Advice Nutcase

    True. Course, when we start getting closer “exactly what we have in the bank” might become a little less public. Right now I am just concerned about showing that there IS support for this and that it might be successful.

    While this seems like a rather haphazard campaign (and in one sense it is), I *have* thought through it. I think it has a chance, and I think i have a VERY clear picture of what i need to get done to make it work (including the politics of the whole thing)

    That said, advice like this is helpful, because i may have missed something. :)

  26. sadistic_mystic Says:

    In Response To Nutcase @ 12/06/2000 7:07:38 PM

    Re: You misunderstand me

    I will have 100 dollars to give, but I don’t want it being taken out of my account WHENEVER they happen to need it. I will have the money ready before Jan 10th…

    When I said “pledge” I mean vocally…

    I wanted responses from other users… to see if others were willing. If they were, that is when I will send the money..

    I am still watching this forum to see, and if I do send money it will either be later this month or before Jan 10th.

  27. sadistic_mystic Says:

    In Response To Nutcase @ 12/06/2000 11:52:24 PM

    Re: some ideas

    Yes, this is what I was getting at.

    I mean, I have a hundred extra dollars, this month.. but I was going to buy Opera 3.62 and Flash.

    (And American McGee’s Alice for Windows)

    So, NEXT month… when I don’t have anything lined up to do with my little extra money…

    Then I will send it in.

    Is there any way I can send a money order?

    I don’t want a stupid paypal account.

  28. egilDOTnet Says:

    Lets make this happen, folks!

    This is a test of the BeOS society - are we willing to put up some money to get a brand new game ported to this platform, because that is what this platform need!?

    I hope so.

    I have dug into my pockets, you do the same to yours. The amount is of less importance actually, because if we all dig, there will be results! There are quite a number of BeOS users and/or supporters now, and if each and every one contributes here, this wont be a problem at all!

    I would hate to end up without this port just because we didnt support it thoroughly! Now its up to us, thanks to Nutcase here, so lets give him a hand(dime).. :)



  29. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To sadistic_mystic @ 12/07/2000 01:42:00 AM

    Re: You misunderstand me

    Fair enough. If it helps, we have raised 775$ since we announced the fund. Thats 6 people.

    so its slow going, but it has been steady. I know several people who are waiting like you. The idea is to get past the initial hump and build momentum.

    Thanks for the pledge though. :)

  30. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To sadistic_mystic @ 12/07/2000 01:50:12 AM

    Re: some ideas

    Hehe. if you absolutely cannot do the completely free paypal account method (and it is much prefered, because it helps me organize the money and everything else) we can discuss it if you email me at bwfund@begroovy.com

    If it is just cause you dont want to bother with paypal, please make the effort to go that way. It will help keep this from becoming a logistical nightmare. But if there is some other reason, email me and we’ll talk.

    As far as your pledge, i understand. Lots of people are waiting to fit this in. People dont just have money lying around. (i dont either) - so i will attempt to keep this active as long as i can. During the process, if you find you have money to contribute, it will be gratefully accepted. :)

  31. Tasslehoff Says:

    Who’s the original porter?

    In the Lionhead interview it is said that the publisher that should do the BeOS port isn’t too sure about BeOS anymore.
    Maybe it’d be worthwhile to contact them and ask, if a call-to-arms signed by thousands of future customers could persuade them to rethink.
    And have the donated money as preorders.

    On a side note, reading the latest BMessage I’m more confident than ever that Be will make it big time in the IA business. You should really take 10% of the donations to buy Be stocks. If it all pans out those donations could bring us several games next year! (I’m not sure about a ” :) ” behind this comment…)

  32. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To Tasslehoff @ 12/07/2000 04:19:10 AM

    Re: Who’s the original porter?

    There are lots of things i could do with the money. But that wasnt the deal. I am not investing the money in the hopes that it rises in value. I am not doing anything with it. The money will sit in an account, waiting for when it can be used. Period. Because i cant risk losing money on an investment. Its not my money to risk. I am just holding it so that people’s commitment to the fund is guaranteed for the developer.

  33. GoodOldGames Says:

    Brilliant Idea, Nutcase !! :)

    I really like the idea of the Black & White fund !! And I will donate some money very soon…

    …maybe if the money is not enough for porting Black & White we can fund another cheaper game ?? …

    …where is a statement from Next Generation Entertainment about the whole case ????

  34. Tasslehoff Says:

    In Response To Nutcase @ 12/07/2000 04:25:04 AM

    Re: Who’s the original porter?

    It was just an idea (of course this would have to be stated in the call for donations).
    OK. Can it! :)

    What about the first paragraph of the post?
    Shouldn’t we first try to talk to the original porters?

  35. MToth Says:

    Needs promotion…

    You should write up a little article and send it to all the virtual and real life gaming magazines… the few people here and at Benews won’t be enough. You shouldn’t limit to the US with it. Maybe you should set up an extra e-mail where we can supply you with natoinal addresses of gaming magazines in order to avoid spaming them multiple times… I mean, you probably won’t be able to sort out German sites, but if you had some mail addresses, they certainly do understand English and could reffer to your page over here…

  36. mlk Says:

    x-WC Design Group…

    Now, I know that WCD is dead. But I wounder if the development team would get back together for this? As if they have the monney up-front, they will not get burt that way.

    So, x-WCDesign, would you be willing to re-form if the cash was there?


  37. Calioptrix Says:

    In Response To sadistic_mystic @ 12/06/2000 6:31:37 PM

    Re: Who is willing to pledge!?

    I lost my paypal password, but when my new one arrives in the snail mail I’ll give $300.

    Maybe we could get Peter Molyneux to donate an autographed copy of some of his other games to auction on ebay?

  38. Korson Says:

    When is the drop dead date?

    I appreciate the fact that this type of fund raising will take a while, that the actual porting will also take a while, and that it sounds like the game is just about done. The question that I have is about returns.

    If the fund does not hit a high enough point early enough, the game will be released for the other platforms. This experiment ends.

    The problem though is one of if it does hit that needed point, the development team can then begin the porting work, but that may make for a much later release date.

    Lionhead studios is unlikely to delay their launch of the product, even if there is a port underway.

    This unmatched launch date starts to damage the returns for the porting company. They may see the project as a finiancial loss and quit the work. Those of us already commited will have spent money on a licence for a game which is not being ported, and may very well never be ported.

    What is the projected date by which all funds (or at least 85%, I would tend to guess) must be raised in order to effectivly and acuratly achieve a near simultanious launch?

    The thought behind this post is not to scare people away from funding this, but rather to prompt as quick a fund raising as possible. It fails if it goes on for two years.


  39. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To Korson @ 12/07/2000 2:17:20 PM

    Re: When is the drop dead date?

    This project has always been a longshot. I intend to keep the fund going as long as i feel it is working.

    Since announcing it, i have had a few thousand dollars pledged, plus nearly $1000 already sent in. So it seems like it is working, if this pace keeps up.

    I have several people helping behind the scenes as well.

    The idea here is to do it, and to do it well, and quickly. So we need to raise the money as quickly as possible, have it ported as quickly as possible, and make sure it is of a quality equal to or surpassing windows. This may take some time. I doubt a simultaneous release w/ the windows version is possible. But if we could be within 2-3 months after the windows release, i would be happy.

    When the fund gets to a meaningful level, and the negotiations begin, timing will become a major factor in the decision. But as far as a drop dead, its basically at my disgression, because i am able to see how everything is working.

    But your point is noted, and will become much more important as time goes on.

  40. DrBe Says:


    I am going to give a couple hundred in January (after Christmas bills are paid), but I don’t just want a finished copy, I wanna beta test this too. ;)

  41. MToth Says:

    In Response To Nutcase @ 12/07/2000 2:30:54 PM

    Re: When is the drop dead date?

    Why isn’t this on Benews and otehrs yet..?! - It should be next to the ‘Small Developers Petition’… on ALL BeOS sites!!!

  42. georges Says:

    In Response To Calioptrix @ 12/07/2000 10:43:31 AM

    Re: Who is willing to pledge!?

    Excellent idea!!
    Nutcase e-mail him now!
    Eugenia might be able to help since she apparently knows the guys making the game…

  43. georges Says:

    In Response To Scar @ 12/06/2000 7:16:00 PM

    Re: Sounds like a lame excuse to not port Black & White…

    Yeah, I think BioWare is only doing NWN in-house because of all the cash they made from other games.

  44. georges Says:

    In Response To Nutcase @ 12/07/2000 04:25:04 AM

    Re: Who’s the original porter?

    Don’t be so quick do knock the stock idea.
    A BG investment fund into BEOS might be able to bring a lot of money. I mean, I’m willing to spend $50 on an investment experiment to fund future BeOS development. 200 people at $50 is $10000. Invest that and you could see a lot of money rather quickly.

    But we’re not doing that now! *slap*
    Heh, ok.
    I’ll send in $100 after Christmas when I have cash. Buying that SGI machine didn’t help either :)

  45. georges Says:

    In Response To Korson @ 12/07/2000 2:17:20 PM

    Re: When is the drop dead date?

    If B&W goes by we can laways put it towarda a different game… or something like Dreamweaver or Photoshop.

  46. greydawn Says:

    Your Support means EVERYTHING

    Here’s a thought. Have you ever considered that a new version of BeOS might be coming out soon? We’ve been hearing about many new BeOS technologies and BeIA technologies that are “in development”. If even half of what we hear from Be employees themselves is true the next version of BeOS stands to be the most revolutionary version yet.

    And another thought. Several companies have announced quarter one ship dates for BeIA devices. You know all that secrecy lately over BeOS/BeIA technology? You can kiss it goodbye the moment a BeIA based device hits the market. The genie is out of the bottle at that point.

    And don’t you just think, just maybe, that with the shroud of secrecy gone Be is going to be making a LOT of noise? I’ll be very suprised if we don’t see a new version of BeOS shortly after that point along with a lot of fanfare. But wait, they’ll all say “Where are the applications?” again!

    This is your chance to create a poster child for the BeOS. Your chance to pledge REAL support at a critical time. Black & White on BeOS with newly developed multimedia services including OpenGL support would go a long, long ways towards opening the eyes of all the millions of gamers out there who have cash to burn on the latest and greatest.

    This call-to-arms isn’t just about getting a TERRIFIC game on BeOS, its about showing that the community really CAN make a difference and that we are really out here. A success here would be PROOF that there is a market for BeOS games and would have reprecussions far beyond what it is in name trying to accomplish.

    I’ve given my support. There isn’t any reason why anyone else reading this can’t either. If you have a bank account or a credit card it costs you NOTHING to use PayPal to donate a few dollars; and if we can’t pull together as a community and we fail then you will get your money back, sad day that that will be.

    Show your support. This is the time for your voice to be heard, let’s hear it.

    Aaron DiLapi,
    BoostSignal Creator

  47. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To MToth @ 12/07/2000 3:30:59 PM

    Re: When is the drop dead date?

    Dont blame me. I submitted to a bunch. Yell at benews. its their site. :P

  48. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To georges @ 12/07/2000 4:42:48 PM

    Re: When is the drop dead date?

    No we cant. I have been entrusted with peoples money on the condition that i get B&W ported, or i give it back. I plan to uphold that trust. I cant just go using the money for whatever i want, because it isn’t my money.

  49. ft Says:

    In Response To greydawn @ 12/07/2000 4:59:32 PM

    Re: Your Support means EVERYTHING

    I totally agree with your comments Aaron. I plan on showing my support with money once I get all the christmas shopping squared away. $100…possibly more. B&W looks sweet.

    Still not sure how it would cost me nothing if I used a bank account or credit card (?) ;)

  50. ft Says:

    In Response To greydawn @ 12/07/2000 4:59:32 PM

    Re: Your Support means EVERYTHING

    I totally agree with your comments Aaron. I plan on showing my support with money once I get all the christmas shopping squared away. $100…possibly more. B&W looks sweet.

    Still not sure how it would cost me nothing if I used a bank account or credit card (?) ;)

  51. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Nutcase @ 12/07/2000 5:25:15 PM

    Re: When is the drop dead date?

    I didn’t mean whatever you want, I meant something that all the people who contributed could agree on. I don’t think anyone would have any argumnets about porting Photoshop, or another game.

  52. ft Says:

    Question for BeGroovy

    Any rough estimate on how much the B&W fund will need to get the port going?

    Sorry if this was mentioned in another post already…I haven’t gone through all the replies in the forum.

  53. ft Says:

    In Response To greydawn @ 12/07/2000 4:59:32 PM

    Re: Your Support means EVERYTHING

    I totally agree with your comments Aaron. I plan on showing my support with money once I get all the christmas shopping squared away. $100…possibly more. B&W looks sweet.

    Still not sure how it would cost me nothing if I used a bank account or credit card (?) ;)

  54. ft Says:

    In Response To greydawn @ 12/07/2000 4:59:32 PM



    don’t know why my last message got posted 3 times…sorry. Didn’t do a refresh or nothing (?)

  55. moooooooo Says:

    In Response To MToth @ 12/07/2000 07:01:41 AM

    Re: Needs promotion…

    that’s a damn good idea.

    imagine the publicity that BeOS, BeGroovy and Lionhead will get !!!

  56. James Says:

    hey nutcase, quick question

    I realize begroovy is a continuously developing site, and I may have not looked hard enough to find an equivalent of “Call To Arms” that used to reside on this site, but here was a suggestion if you don’t mind me mentioning:

    It’s great that someone had initiated an effort to get a specific game ported (B&W in this case), and was wondering if it might be a good idea to do similar for existing projects for the BeOS to increase the morale of developers currently working on their respective projects. The first thing that came to my mind was to potentially setup a fund like this for Inferno.

    Games are definitely what seem to draw most people away from BeOS, and boot into windows. However, I seem to boot into FreeBSD quite often to use GIMP. I might be the odd-ball wanting to somehow contribute to the efforts of the Inferno team through monetary incentives simply because there wouldn’t be any other way to provide any contribution for myself.

    Quite frequently, it seems as though a lot of people wish to have some form of a powerful image manipulation software package (namely photoshop). As much as I would love for that to happen, I thought a concept similar to your RIO driver fund would increase the BeOS native app developers’ efforts.

    I’m all for this port, and would be contributing if I manage to land a job soon (which depends on my crappy grades that might delay my graduation), but I would also think an encouragement of current native app developers shouldn’t be overlooked.

    Perhaps a poll with several choices of native apps your audiences would like to see happen can target to specific software the fund should be started on? I just feel as though BeDevs are rather shafted these days, and seem as though they deserve some support.

    Too nuts of an idea?

  57. madshi Says:

    Be stock…

    I like the Be stock idea very much. Please, Nutcase, don’t drop it.

    Look, I’m investing a lot of money into the Be stock these days. I don’t want to give you $1000, which then sleep on a 0% bank account for months. That would be a waste, IMHO.
    Okay, here is my offer: In the end of december I’ll give $100, if you don’t invest that money in Be stock. Or I’ll give $1000, if you do invest that money in Be stock for me.
    Look: It doesn’t matter much for me, whether I invest the $1000 in Be stock myself (what I originally planned), or whether you do it for me. And just in case this fund idea works, well, great! Not because I would be such a big Black and White fan (I’m more a racing game fan), but because I think a Black and White port would be a good BeOS gaming platform start…

    Okay, you can’t (of course) simply go and invest all that fund money into Be stock. But you can do that with *my* money and with the money of all the people who agree to that. And as you can see in the comments above, I’m not the only one liking this idea…

    So what do you think? Do you want $100 or $1000 from me? :O)

  58. MToth Says:

    Where is freakin’ Sindbad..?!

    I wished a son of some supaa rich Sultan or s.th. alike would be interested in BeOS, those type of guy that shells out 100K for breakfast…. He could kick in without even noticing it. Unfortunately, those people are more likely to hang out with Bill Gates… ;-p

  59. James Says:

    In Response To MToth @ 12/08/2000 04:47:53 AM

    Re: Where is freakin’ Sindbad..?!

    wouldn’t it be funny if Bill’s illegitimate (sp?) son (totally made up) was the person who decides to fund this port?

  60. James Says:

    In Response To MToth @ 12/08/2000 04:47:53 AM

    Re: Where is freakin’ Sindbad..?!

    wouldn’t it be funny if Bill’s illegitimate (sp?) son (totally made up) was the person who decides to fund this port?

  61. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To madshi @ 12/08/2000 03:17:18 AM

    Re: Be stock…

    Send 100.

    Honestly, it would be much better if you sent 1000 flat. But if your condition is that i have to invest it in stocks, just send 100.

    This is not an investment fund. I am not a broker, or a financial service. I am not even earning interest on the money in the account.

    It’s not that i don’t like the idea. It’s that I am one person trying to organize this. What it comes down to so far is the saving of emails, and religiously updating a spreadsheet. I refuse to take responsibility for an investment fund. I dont have enough time, ability, or understanding of the market to do that. If someone else wants to do it, great.

    Perhaps in the future, i will look into it. But not in this case.

  62. Justin Says:


    Sorry, just a poor college boy.. I may throw in a few, but I’d definitely buy a working port of B&W.

    BeOS needs some real publicity. This port (assuming it happens) would be a big helper.

  63. zaaj Says:

    In Response To madshi @ 12/08/2000 03:17:18 AM

    Re: Be stock…

    It’s a good idea but it would be better if you did this on your own. Go ahead and put $1000 into BeOS stock and at the price it is at now just wait for it to double, I’m thinking first half of January, then sell it and put what you make into the fund.


  64. Charlie Hayes Says:


    If I am correct, the account type you changed to also has an option for a “MoneyMarket” that has like 5.3%. So even if the money stops rolling in and we still don’t have enough, like june next year, it will just keep growing until we do. lol. or even if every one stops now. so it will take 5 years. =) I dont have any money to put into it. I use it on actuall games for OS that currently support it. (not that might/will) NO FLAMING ON THAT LAST COMMENT!!! May I ask “Why B&W??” I hope Lionhead made it a really portable game.

  65. Duffahtolla Says:

    In Response To mlk @ 12/07/2000 07:59:57 AM

    Re: x-WC Design Group…

    Thats what I was thinking too.

    They certainly have the experience and talent needed.

    I am going to donate, but I would probably donate much more If I knew that WC was looking to do the job. If they accept the offer then I have no doubt that the port will succeed.

    They have proven record of being a tenacious company with a good heart and excellent skills. They always had to work on projects after they were released for windows. It would be nice for them to have an even chance for a change.

    And to top it off, It would give me a warm fuzzy feeling to see them make a come back.

  66. sadistic_mystic Says:

    In Response To Charlie Hayes @ 12/08/2000 4:17:27 PM

    Re: PayPall

    Have you seen the preview movies of B&W?

    Have you been in a coma?

    Unless you are just an FPS junkie (and therefore not a real gamer anyway) You must realize the potential of this game.

    If not..

    go to ign.com and look Black and White up

  67. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 12/07/2000 6:27:17 PM

    Re: When is the drop dead date?

    True.. but i would feel sorta slimy asking. What i may do if this doesnt work is say that the port fund failed, and i will be returning the money, but we have identified another target we are launching a fund for. If people wish to transfer previous donations, tell me. If not, it will be returned within 2-3 days. Or something.

    Course, this fund is gonna work, so no reason to worry about it. :P

  68. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To Charlie Hayes @ 12/08/2000 4:17:27 PM

    Re: PayPall

    it has the option. But that is having the money invested. There are two reasons i am not doing this:

    1) I dont want to have any risk on this money, cause i cant cover it.

    2) not earning interest on this will make it much easier to handle. If i start making income on this, it becomes a tax nightmare. Right now, i am not sure where i stand, but i think its better than if i start using the money and investing it. :P

    /me starts to save for a lawyer and accountant. maybe i should start a fund. :P

  69. Alexander Says:

    payments from europe

    So, this quick question:

    How am I to spend some money on this, not being a native of the USA? I, personally reside in Germany, but I guess other european Be-Users as well would like to raise the fund.
    AFAIK Paypal can only be used by USA citizen.


    BTW, can you once again state, how much is collected by now? Thanks

  70. mlk Says:

    In Response To Alexander @ 12/11/2000 06:04:13 AM

    Re: payments from europe

    I’m in the UK, and I can use PayPal. I belive you can too,
    but alas you get charged for transfuring cash.
    Which reminds me, if I dontate $100, and it loosses a bit on route (conversion & 2.x% charge) do I get my copy?

    Also, how about putting it in a zero risk (lower intrest) account. An ISA or something)?


  71. Developer Says:

    In Response To Robert Hagenström @ 12/06/2000 6:58:23 PM

    Re: Sounds like a lame excuse to not port Black & White…

    Lionhead may make tons of money, but they won’t make it off a BeOS port, even if there is one. No one makes tons of money off BeOS software. No one.

  72. jairhart Says:

    In Response To Developer @ 12/11/2000 1:59:17 PM

    Re: Sounds like a lame excuse to not port Black & White…

    The same can be said about any OS that came out within the past 10 years. But the BeOS community is trying to change that. If some hard-core gamers hear that they can get a few extra fps out of their favorite game, Black & White, by using BeOS instead of windows, they’ll get BeOS. Hard-core gamers = market.

    This port is just trying to get past the chicken and the egg problem. To put this in a different way: kickass game -> hard-core gamers -> market. With no kickass game, there will be no market. There needs to be something that starts everything.

    Also some people say that Black & White will be here and gone in 3 months. To those people I say, you’re stupid. This game has an awesome AI. You can play with the titan (those big creatures you control) like a real pet. They showed two titans playing catch with each other. Imagine what would happen if you got one of them mad and it knew how to throw a flaming bolder… People will get addicted to this game, so it’ll be around for a long time.

    Right now, the only computer platform that really has a game market is windows, because no developer is willing to port their games to OSs where there is no market. If we fund B&W to be ported before the game comes out, then the developer doesn’t need to worry about the market, since they already broke even. So this fund is going to by-pass the chicken and the egg problem by funding development of the egg before the chicken comes out (or the other way around?).

    Even though I don’t really like the movie… “If you build it, they will come.”

    If you want to help BeOS become the OS you’ve always wanted it to be (good enough to make Bill Gates cry), donate to the Black & White fund, and you will never live in fear again (blue screen of death).

    Nutcase: feel free to rewrite/copy the above stuff to get more investors for the fund.

  73. Brian Says:

    I have little money, but I still pledge $100US for the Be cause after X-mas!!!

    I promise to send in 100 Dollars US unmarked to the B&W cause in order to support BeOS, the superior PC gaming platform. Please keep up the good fight! Viva BeOS games!!!

  74. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To Brian @ 12/11/2000 10:54:41 PM

    Re: I have little money, but I still pledge $100US for the Be cause after X-mas!!!



  75. Sponge Says:

    PayPal referral bonus

    Just as an aside, I noticed as I was browsing the PayPal site (unfortunately I can’t sign up yet as my own computer is dead and I can’t access my email account :( ) that you can get a referral bonus, at least from new US members. Surely this wouldn’t cause any issues, although I can see how signing up for the money market option would. :) Encourage people who are new to PayPal and want to contribute, to sign up through the referral plan!


  76. MToth Says:

    Final word on counter?!

    Will we see a counter for the current fund situation here or not… and why?!

  77. Graham Weir Says:

    If I had a credit card, I would contribute in an instant

    Unfortunately, I’m only 16, and won’t have a CC for about a year and a half. However, I have about $400 in cash (in GBP) sitting around, and would love to contribute. I wish there was a workaround…

    By the way, can we have a money counter, or at least a page somewhere updated once a day saying how much money is in there, and your best guess as to how much money will be needed?

    BeOS, BeOS Bible, and Gobe Productive all in the post to my house. Ahhhhh :)

  78. Korson Says:

    In Response To MToth @ 12/13/2000 04:50:48 AM

    Re: Final word on counter?!

    I have to say, this is one point which is really starting to annoy me. I check this forum on a daily basis now, waiting for an update of the ammount.

    Heck, even if it was only updated once a week, at least we would know to check back on say, Wednesdays, to finds out the current status.

    If anyone wants, I can toss together a quick form where people can say what they’ve contributed, or how much they are pledgeing.


  79. MToth Says:

    In Response To Graham Weir @ 12/13/2000 09:59:13 AM

    Re: If I had a credit card, I would contribute in an instant

    Best thing you could do is send Nut cash in 2-3 envelopes… I did a few oversea transactions from Germany to the US for Ebay (user ‘okina’) and banks will charge your ass off… I am not that paranoid with that…why should exactly MY envelope get lost?!

  80. Korson Says:

    User Built Contribution Chart

    Hi all,

    I got kind of bored and took about 30 minutes and built a quick chart to track how the fund is doing. If anyone wants to post how much they are willing to pledge, or has already contributed, great!

    All I ask is that everyone be honest, it does no good if anyone lies and says they are going to contribute 90K.

    The chart can be found at:


    I only tested it real quick like, so if there are any problems, please drop me a note. chip@bemail.org


  81. MToth Says:

    In Response To Korson @ 12/13/2000 6:01:09 PM

    Re: User Built Contribution Chart

    Still no good idea, because not everyone will go through the entire thread in order to find this link. Nutcase does read this request here and he knows he owes a counter because this is rather a unique thing - ppl blindly donating money probably for nothing… Nutcase, please answer…

  82. sadistic_mystic Says:

    Here’s an idea

    We talk to the mob, and we will owe them a favor. :-)

  83. Woronoff Melissa Says:

    Insanity is forgetting to believe a few lies.

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