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Javashare 2 Code-a-thon results!

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Posted by:Ryan on Wednesday, 07 Aug, 2002 @ 10:59 AM

So Bryan finished his code-a-thon, and it resulted in a Javashare 2 alpha. He sent in a pretty detailed report on how things went. Read on for all the details, and the location of the alpha .jar. :)

Good work Bryan!

I made it through the code-a-thon! Neil Morris of BeOS Radio sent me an
email interview, you can find that at www.beosradio.com.

JavaShare has a 2.0 public alpha out. I don’t want to hear bug-reports on
it, because I know there are waaay too many.

Why after 72 hours only an alpha?

Basic file-transfer (no facist router, no fire-wall, no queue, no contol to
stop/clear or resume) work. You can download… in certain instances.

The Muscle implementation for Java does not yet support listening for
incomming connections. I’ve talked with Jeremy about this, and will be
filling in the holes in the Muscle Java classes over the next week or two.
This has to be finished to allow for sharing and fire-wall downloading.

Other issues with downloading (queue, resume, ect.) are being filled in as

Live querys work 100%. Although I will be tweaking with the interface a bit
more before a real 2.0 release.

I’m hoping to have this in beta in approximately 2 weeks. There’s a lot of
work left to do, but I’m back on the project and excited about it once

I’m waiting on Minox and Kancept to finish the time-lapse video of the
web-cam. Hopefully this will be done soon.

You can get the pulblic alpha of JavaShare 2.0 at
http://bmanv.no-ip.com/Downloads/JSPubAlpha.jar. This .jar will work on
MacOS X, WIndows, and *nix.
The program still does work perfectly on MacOS Classic, but I didn’t take
time to build the app for it. Trust me, you’re still better off running 1.2
anyhow at this point.

Thanks nutcase and the rest of the BeGroovy crew!

No problem Bryan.. Thank YOU for making Javashare, and keeping things active! :)

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