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OpenBeOS Makes a Splash!

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Posted by:Ryan on Friday, 12 Jul, 2002 @ 9:34 AM
OS Wars

Seems like OpenBeOS is coming further out of it’s shell, and people are taking notice. Slashdot paid attention to their recent community Q&A. OpenBeOS seemed surprised that they werent slashdotted. Thats the benefit of being on sourceforge folks.. it would essentially be like /. /.ing themselves. Aggregated resources via mergers, and other corporate speak. News at 11.

Anyway, as a followup to that, CNet got in touch with them. Not the News.com CNet, but the CNet Radio brand of CNet. Apparently they interview on short notice, as befits an internet news site with a bit more punctuality than us, and the interviewed Michael Phipps live yesterday at this location. This happened at 10:40AM (PDT), yesterday. If you didn’t know yesterday, you missed it. If I find an archived version, I will let you know.

Anyway, it seems OBOS is putting the smack down on the PR front. I find several things about this strange.

1) They are going to change their name. Shouldnt they do this BEFORE creating major recognition? ;P

2) They are going to change their site. Shouldnt they do this BEFORE creating major recognition? ;P

3) Their license is wrong. I mean, if you are gonna be free, BE free. Don’t use a license with even less protection of freedom than one approved by corporate dicks (that link felt good.) I mean, make it free, and keep it free. Otherwise you lose before you begin. (/me starts licensing flamewar with glee, and plans to watch the aftermath with amusement)

Anyway, Thats my OpenBeOS update/rant/whatever for now. Back to our regularly scheduled programming.. which is really sorta what this is. Hmm.

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