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Refraction Beta Soon

by @ 6:34 pm on 6/28/2002. Filed under Software

Refraction beta 5 will be released on the 30th of this month. That be sunday people! Refraction is the new name for Inferno, Xentronix‘s Image editing application. Mega cool.

In any case, we will be hosting a mirror when it is released, and we have a TON of information about new features and stuff, including new info about updated Wacom tablet drivers!

Read on for more…

we finaly got the two most requested
features in there now. The first is selection with ‘marching ants’
and the second: resizing of the document and resampling of the document
to a new size. Both normal and bilinear resample are available.

We removed the brush and gradients floater and moved it to a common dropdown
combo-box which is on the tools config menu now. The toolbar now has multi-select
icons to put more tools on one button.

The brush system is completely rewritten. Refraction supports normal brushes, as
Inferno did. But now it also supports natural brushes, animated brushes, colorize
effects and a lot more.

We hope to have the brush-editor for this all in there too, but this one might
have a delayed release. This would be no problem as most needed brushes are in
by default and quite some effect brushes too. As we have a powerfull plug-in
system architecture, we can, release parts as addon or replace single parts.

For this goal we have created a Resources-page on our web-site that will soon
be filled with extra filters, effects, images, brushes, gradients, royaly free
photos, language files, …
Of course we hope to get lots of those from our future users to share with other

I managed to speed up the drawing of the layers and brushes by a factor of over 2.4.
The animated brushes are faster than the pipehoses on Paintshop.

Also the cross-calculation of the various color-spaces (RGB->HSV/HSL for example)
are over 6 times as fast now.

A new warp-tool is added to do some funny stuff.

And most important: A lot of bugs have been fixed. Inferno beta 3 was depending on
a GIF Translator that had to be installed for some of the brushes. With our new
brush system we eliminated the need for these external products.

Refraction beta 5 will include an updated driver for the
Wacom USB tablets. This was created by me in cooporation
with Olaf van Es.

The supported Tablets are:

Wacom Graphire
Wacom Graphire2 4×5″
Wacom Graphire2 5×7″
Wacom Intuos 4×5″
Wacom Intuos 6×8″
Wacom Intuos 9×12″
Wacom Intuos 12×12″
Wacom Intuos 12×18″
Wacom PL400
Wacom PL500
Wacom PL600
Wacom PL600SX
Wacom PL550
Wacom PL800
Wacom Intuos2 4×5″
Wacom Intuos2 6×8″
Wacom Intuos2 9×12″
Wacom Intuos2 12×12″
Wacom Intuos2 12×18″

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