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New Release of Ozone, the multiplatform BeShare client

by @ 8:58 am on 6/25/2002. Filed under Software

Beryliium wrote in with a blatant attempt to get advertising for his new beshare server at, but we aren’t going to fall for it. No. We are not going to devote space to the fact that he wants more users, or is working hard to make it a great server. That would be us giving priority to the people who take the time to submit news to us, like Beryllium. And we arent going to play favorites like that. 😉

In any case, here is the news: Ozone 1.1.0 Build 49 was just released by VitViper, after a few months of inactivity. Ozone is a multi platform BeShare client. Which is good for us Sell Outs who use Linux and run Windows at work, yet still want to keep up to date on our favorite os, or just chat with old friends.

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