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Guide to building and running the OpenBeOS Kernel version ;)

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Posted by:Ryan on Monday, 24 Jun, 2002 @ 4:51 PM

Daniel Reinhold over at OpenBeOS has posted a Guide to building and booting OpenBeOS.

Daniel is apparently a large monster made out of nothing but hair and shoes, with an obsession for rabbits. This is, of course, according to Daniel’s statement at the top of his story. And is completely irrelevant.

The relevant part is that OpenBeOS is building and booting quickly, and that there is now talk of tying the openbfs vfs to the openbeos vfs to make one big vfs jamboree on cd which over writes your partition with a barely functioning kernel/openbfs.

Does doing this indicate that one is obsessed? No. Well.. yes actually. Unless you are an OpenBeOS dev. In which case this is an important foundation for adding things to later (such as a full shell and lots of kits)? Does this mean they are making good progress? You bet your ass.

When it comes down to it, I am excited to see it so quickly (not your ass, the openbeos kernel), and look forward to the day that it replaces BeOS entirely. /That/ will be a pretty good day. :)

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