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Nostalgia reigns

by @ 9:24 pm on 6/19/2002. Filed under Site News

Hey all,

If you were around back in the golden era of beos, have I got a link for you.

Check this out. the wayback machine is cool. 🙂

Anyway, this has made me nostalgic, and it’s also made me interested in spending some time to explain whats going on w/ begroovy.

Deej is doing his thing with BeUnited, and updating here when he can. I am off with full time employment, based in Dallas, TX, and working on a Linux distribution (*gasp* *shock* *horror*). That said, I am actively following openbeos, and contributing to the discussion on synapselounge (which ranges from beos to just about everything else.) I am also in the midst of buying a Be machine to use for my mp3’s and email and such, as I sold my previous machine for the cash to get a powerbook (double gasp, shock horror)

Basically, BeOS as it used to be is dead. Most of us have moved on. Because of this, BeGroovy is too big for the times. We have too many little features to keep working, and too many things can break. But the BeOS community still exists, and openbeos, blueeyed os, and others present a beacon of hope. And BeGrovoy will continue to exist as long as that hope does. After all, its what we are all about. But we cant continue on like this.

The answer? I dont know. But what I am considering doing is simple:

Tear down the glitz, and get back to roots.

I am working on a new, simple news script. I want to tear this down, and go back to the “good old days”. I figure we would track all sorts of weird stuff, as well as the obvious (open beos, new releases, etc)

I am interested in your thoughts on this. Is it worth the effort? Would anyone out there want to contribute news or participate? Should we even bother?

Anyway. thats my rambling for the day. What do you think?

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